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You may wonder how some people can be so flexible such that they can do any pose without flinching and even go to the extent of touching their toes just by bending backwards. Mind you if you dared pull such a stunt it would most likely cost you an unexpected trip to the doctor. Worry not. The well kept secret is no longer safely guarded anymore. Welcome to Yoga. This article will enlighten you on what yoga is all about and why Yoga is good for you.Also you can minimize risks of Yoga Injuries.

Yoga is an ancient practice originating from India. It has been practiced for over 5000 years and more people are embracing it. It encompasses the following disciplines: physical, mental and spiritual. Yoga Sutras concentrates on the discipline of the mind while Hatha yoga focuses on health and purity of the body. Picture being in such a peaceful state of mind such that all your stress levels are managed and you are one with your spirit.

I do not know anyone who would not want that. Yoga can be practiced at any age therefore being elderly should not be an excuse. Asanas are the most common yoga classes offered which entail learning physical poses. Yoga classes also entail learning breathing techniques as well as meditation techniques.

Yoga has a lot to offer everyone who practices it be it flexibility, balance or strength. You can take it up for purely relaxation purposes or to enable you move your body in new ways. It is important to know the safety precautions you need to take before you start. Most yoga instructors will have you sign a non liability form thus you have to ensure you take care of yourself so as to minimize the risks of injury.

Some of the risks associated with yoga that are reported and treated at hospitals include straining and overstretching of the neck, spine, legs, knees and shoulders. Having certain conditions may increase your risk of injury such as pregnancy, a case of severe osteoporosis, problems associated with the ears, spine problems and having either high or low blood pressure.

To minimize your risks of yoga injuries, here are a few tips:

1. Expectant mothers should consult their doctors and get the go ahead sign since pregnancy affects women differently. Your doctor will be able to assess what type and level of yoga is safe for you and your unborn child.

2. For beginners, ensure that you practice yoga under an instructor who has the recommended credits. Attempting yoga by yourself maybe detrimental since you do not have someone to guide you on the right way of performing the exercises.

3. Warming up before the yoga session is vital as cold muscles contribute towards injury.

4. Do not try to do advanced exercises when you have just barely begun. Know your limits by asking your instructor questions so that any concerns you have about your safety are addressed.

5. Remember that this is not a competition. Of course there will be someone who can do the exercises better than you. Go slow, take your time.

6. Drink lots and lots of water more so when practicing hot yoga.

7. Wear comfortable clothing so you are able to move around freely.

8. Always listen to how your body responds to the exercises. If you encounter any pain, dizziness, or you experience too much heat, please stop. Should the pain persist further, consult your healthcare provider.

9. Finally, ensure that you do not skip your medical routine.

While yoga will offer some major benefits, it is no substitute for proper medical treatment. Some of the benefits of yoga are as discussed below:

Yoga, as mentioned earlier, can be done at all ages. When started at midlife, it can help counter stiffness, loss of bone density, depression, fluctuations of hormones and stop arteries from hardening.

These are some of the most commonly faced problems during this stage of life. Notable merits of practicing yoga include gaining strength due to doing poses such as standing on one leg since you learn how to support your body weight. Yoga also does make your muscles more toned and lean.

Other benefits include reducing stress levels, mental calmness, breathing better reducing pain and it generally lets you know your body much better hence increased self confidence. Go ahead and try out yoga and do not despair in the first few classes. With time you will come to see why yoga is good for you. Why Yoga is good for you   Risks Of Yoga . Why Yoga is good for you   Risks Of Yoga .

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