refinance your home mortgage

Refinance Your Home Mortgage

One of the most often met questions when dealing with individuals that have a mortgage is “Why should I refinance my home mortgage?” The simple answer to this question is: “You should refinance your home mortgage because you will gain money from this process!”

While it is simple to lay out the main benefit, there is also a need to properly understand home mortgage refinancing in order to be sure that it is a good move. Your current mortgage is probably based on an adjustable rate mortgage or fixed rate mortgage. Both have different advantages and disadvantages but one thing is sure in both cases: the market changes and so does the value of property and interest rates. With this in mind it is easy to understand that a change in interest rates means you would pay less money in interest when dealing with mortgages.

As a general rule of thumb, if the current market interest rates are lower by at least 2 percent than the interest rates you are paying, it is probably a very good idea to refinance your home mortgage. We already stated that by refinancing your home mortgage you gain money. Let us see how this is possible. The first financial benefit stands in the interest rates already mentioned.

If you change your constant mortgage plan to a new one that shows lower interest rates you will end up paying less every single month. On the other hand there are also fees linked to refinancing home mortgages. You need to take a look and analyze the topic at hand in order to see whether the money you gain sums up to a higher amount than the fees you need to pay. With this in mind, the first possible benefit is very clear.


We  also need to talk about the period of the loan. When refinancing home mortgage you can opt in for a longer period in which to repay the amount loaned. This will bring in a longer timeframe until the loan you will pay but will also bring in the possibility of paying less each month. You thus have some extra money gained that you can use for personal needs or you can invest in order to gain even more.

This practice is very common and refinancing home mortgages is usually done in order to gain the two main benefits mentioned above: lower interest rates and the increase in timeframe of payment. Your house is usually the biggest asset you own. As time passes, it rises in value because of real estate market evolution or because you added some benefits to your home. With this in mind we are talking about a higher value of your home.

This immediately translates in the possibility of utilizing home equity in refinancing your home mortgage. If we are dealing with lower interest rates, an increase in period of repayment and utilizing the new home equity available, we get to a sum of money that can be quite impressive in most cases. To put it all simple, you should refinance your home mortgage because you will get more money out of it.

The key to doing properly is analyzing the three aspects mentioned above and contacting various mortgage brokers that can provide you with different offers. You can also stick with your current mortgage broker and renegotiate the terms in order to gain financial benefits. This is usually available for a standard fee. You need to consult the benefits and see whether or not it might be better to switch mortgage brokers. Still unsure?

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