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The Truth about Network Marketing

Lies lies lies about multi level marketing of what is multi marketing. Have you been lied to. Maybe your up line is lying to you. Today I’m going to reveal you the truth about network marketing. So what are some of the lies when it comes to multi-level marketing.

Well you know Dan I actually did fairly well at some network marketing businesses some affiliate marketing businesses. It’s a multilevel marketing business as MLM is. And however the reality is I’m now 40 years old. And after 20 years of experiencing ups and downs I must say though that there are five lies I’ve come up with five lies that you know encompass the multitude of companies that I’ve worked up.

At first, Can you succeed at marketing. Yes absolutely. Statistics actually prove that you can buy it’s a very small number. And so that is one of the first lies. I want to cover actually I’ll circle back to that one. OK. So watch this video all the way to the end. In fact the first one I will tell you about is actually my own story. So when I started at the age of 18 years old the gentleman that approached me you know you came to me and said Hey are you keeping your options open. You looked like a sharp young guy.

And he really painted this picture in my head that I could become an entrepreneur for very small investment a few hundred dollars and I could wear the cape of being an entrepreneur. And I think that’s the first lie there is that entrepreneurship after all these years I’ve realized is very different than the picture that all these companies that were marketing companies. They paint a make you feel like you can become an entrepreneur for nothing. So again it’s that whole getting nothing for some you know get something for nothing. Right. The truth about network marketing .

And I think you can become a top earner with a high income skill without being in business on your own without a lot of money. That’s OK because you are trading your time trading hours with all those high dollars. Right. That’s what I teach. That’s perfectly fine.The truth about network marketing .

: But building this scalable business building a bigger business it costs fucking money. It just does. People cost money. Marketing costs money. Everything that you do it costs sort of Monteux resources. So I think having that unrealistic expectation when you’re not ready to start a business and you thought you know what. I have no money. Brooke.

Finally ,The worst time of business is when you get no money. Listen to me. The worst time to start a business is when you’re desperate because business takes time it takes time to build. It might take you one year to use five years ten years.

This is not a job. This is not just you wait till the end of the month you get a paycheck. Business requires an Mendis amount of effort attention and skills. Yes right. If you want to make some money on the side don’t start a business. Develop a high income skill an offer to the marketplace in exchange of money. Now that is smart.The truth about network marketing .

That’s right. Because I’ve failed at two major businesses. I feel that many businesses fail at two major ones. Half a million and one half a million and the other one million dollars gone. And you know what and why we failed because we didn’t have cash.

Well, we didn’t have that income coming in. We took other people’s money and we blew it. We knew how to blow money before we learned how to make money. Correct. And the whole thing about the lie as well as it’s all entrepreneur thing.

From what I understand and Dan can actually testify this entrepreneurs create things that create jobs network Marken companies you’re not creating jobs except for the the people at the head office you know you’re a distributor you’re a consumer you’re not an entrepreneur.

They call you a small business but you’re not. And so that is a lie. Oh I don’t know about any company. That’s an entrepreneur.If you’re the founder then you’re the entrepreneur right.

So that’s I feel that’s a lie. Number one lie the most lie to lie number two is the hole part time thing or do this on the side. It’s you know. And yeah just put in a few hours they make it sound so easy. It is not in order to get to the top levels that even I just scratched the the lower levels at the upper levels.

It’s a full seven days a week every day away from my family leave the house at 6:00 p.m. go to work work a whole day come home exhausted tired jump into a suit and if you don’t like wearing suits you’re in trouble.Then that I go out drive somewhere spend money on go all day meeting go to the hotel meeting direct family and friends stay late out of the meeting at 2 o’clock in the morning.Unbelievable.The truth about network marketing .

: Exhausted Yeah I remember one of the things I’ve learned that it’s to you because once I run out of people that I talk to in the beginning. Yes. Well you’ve got to prosper you’ve got to meet with people. So I actually went to bookstores. Yes. OK.

I know you’ve done this before is fucking stupid. I went to a bookstore hangout in the personal development section. So people are looking at different books and I would kind of like slowly get close to the book right. It’s hard to strike up a conversation right now with the book.The truth about network marketing .

: Oh by the way are you looking for an opportunity to mix side income you like how it’s done what the fuck right. And he was just passed. And What’s worse is while you are doing this. Yes. Don’t you feel the same way. It just feels so draining. Yes it was so exhausting.

I feel like after I talk about whatever that that when marketing opportunity I feel like I need take a shower. You feel dirty. I feel so dirty I feel so respected.

Yeah I’m like This is not a good way to make a living. It’s like a cheesy salesman. It’s like you know worse than that. Yeah like the proof of that is very simple.The truth about network marketing .

You go out there any any function any gathering could be wedding could be a business networking walk up to anyone anybody you tell them. What do you do. I’m a multilevel marketer.The truth about network marketing .

So you know people we have to do is to funny story. We were at a conference a conference conference and they give you these tags and you can put these stickers below it like a blue ribbon. Yeah copywriter marketer marketer my agency owner.

And Dan over here because he does what he wants to study. He wants to be at the event and pay attention and to be mobbed by people. What did you put on yours.I put and five. Emily have no one NO ONE TALK TO ME.It’s beautiful. It’s absolutely beautiful right.The truth about network marketing .

It works. It works like you don’t want to talk to you just to a marketing. Yes I have some disease. They don’t even get close to you. Do you actually like that Seriously. Is that how you want to be treated. Like. No pride. Right. Just it’s sad. It’s very sad it’s a part time forget that. It doesn’t work now.

If you just want to make a few dollars like a couple hundred bucks yeah you do part time if you want to make thousands get it. If you want to make serious money. You need to put a bit of time. You’ve got to treat it like a career. You got to take it very seriously as. It’s a life. So what is a third line.

Well the third one I would say is what I realized is that they always make you know that first of all their products are always more expensive than they were say is cheaper because we don’t because we don’t have the Kostov you know we are hoe’s selling like this in a store you buy Latino distributor and all that stuff but it sounds logical but you got fucking 8 level 7 levels you’ve got to pay the commission.Where does it say. This is the same shit. Somebody is getting paid right.The truth about network marketing .

And they say why they mock up Mokdad up because they need to profit margins in order to pay off the distributions on all these levels were all the bonuses and all that stuff right. That’s right. They make it sound as if the premium prices are for better quality products and scientifically proven clinically proven and some of them are good.

Like I said. Yeah right. I subscribed to a couple companies I do like the and I’ve done my research but that’s it. But most of the time I will leave the company. Some water filters.

I will follow them. There are a number of companies who has a huge line of products I’m talking about like dowsers. Yes a lot of the products that they claim to be much better are high quality bullshit.

It’s all private label shit they don’t even make that shit right. Someone else made it. They put a dead mold logo on them they let you distribute and you make several layers commission. That’s how it works. You think logically you know that’s exactly how it works.The truth about network marketing .

So if they’re spending so much money paying everybody else how much money could they spend on improving the quality of the product. Like an idiot could figure that out. Right.So they make the distributors win when you become a distributor and you get brainwashed into going out there now trying to convince other people and you have to handle the objectional. Why is it more. One thing I cannot stand Gilead’s especially deathlike health related product.The truth about network marketing .

Yes because those Maatta fuckers I just gotta say it. Where are those of lying there in a hotel room. They make these most outrageous claims. No joke. Most outrageous stories about some vitamin I’m talking about a cure cancer. It my wife was quick couldn’t get pregnant now she’s pregnant. I’m like give me a fucking break. Right.

Because of greed and they make all these crazy promises. It’s just it’s just wrong. It’s just wrong. If you vitamin that’s fine you know health and you have more energy. That’s OK. But while they’re making like these crazy claims it bothers them and that’s why the FTC shut them down.

 However, Bonzzo we talked about this in another video. Go up there and watch that other video in which we talk about how feces can shut it down and why they should be shut down. It’s a risk to you. Maybe wasn’t even you that said it was another leaders said it but then the FTC comes in and shuts you down. So then what happens. Income gone happen to me the fourth lie. We want to go into that anyone can do it.

They want to make it sound like just anyone can do it. And Dan you know I’ve got a fairly you know fairly extroverted personality and nationality you know talkative socializing personality. OK so maybe for someone like me it’s natural that I like to network. That’s why I call it network marketing. But what about someone who is introvert.

Nevertheless, I mean den when you’re grown up you’re fairly introverted you’re shy.Yes you have a big network of friends did you you over and so when it comes to anyone can do it. There’s something that anyone can do. Yes by phone with marketing in order declined to that top leadership position. What are statistics I think was Anke article on this.The truth about network marketing .

Thank you. One out of a thousand yet three out of three people out of 1000 yes actually make it. Yes. I was probably one of those three that was me. Nothing out of 103 100 one thousand make it.

However, No making it doesn’t mean you’re rich. No it just means like you’re not losing money or paying the bills not losing what exactly are you losing money versus.: I think this is this is artistically if I remember correctly.The truth about network marketing .

Yes on average net marketers they make I think it was like a whatever. Twenty five bucks.

Oh don’t don’t let the cat out of bag that’s number five on the line. But yes it’s not about that anyone can make you know I guess it takes a lot of skills. It takes a lot of time to deal with this. Anyone can make it. Yes. Anyone can make it.

However, Maybe after 20 years if you’re a super introverted shy person you don’t speak good English or you know if it’s English or you’re communicating and it takes time. So it is a lie to try to try to mask that line. It’s because most of us we want to do this. Why.

Because you want to earn that money quick and you want to get out of your job or whatever you’re doing. Quick. You want to spend time with your family quick. U want to spend time with your kids when they’re 20 30 years old.

You want to do it right next year. And that’s the line they make you feel that anyone can do it but reality is it takes time to learn the skills to get that high level and one what is something that anyone can do.The truth about network marketing .

Right. How do you know if that does what I say. If you want to create well. If you actually want to create abundance in your life you can never be. Out of the equation. You always need to be part of the equation.

So anything that is kind of shady and anything that is promising you hey it has nothing to do with you. Just push a button or a mundu a fall on your lap or just distribute his father everything will be fine.

If they take you out of the equation this is a scam. Yes. Period. Period. All this is super duper investment. Just put the money in has nothing to do with you. You don’t need any effort you’ll make money. You’re being scammed.

That’s a scam. In order to create wealth you always always have to be part of the equation. Right. What could you do to deliver value to the marketplace in exchange of money. That’s legitimate that makes you a real entrepreneur. That makes you a real entrepreneur. Not this fucking lotion potion bullshit right. Right.The truth about network marketing .

So the best we saved the best for last two and the number five lie the fifth lie is about the amount of money they make it sound like everyone can make money. Not true. Statistics have proven enk dot is proving it.

However, It has lots of studies outlining how dare Daniels’s statistics I shared with you I think it was 2500 bucks that on average that they make per year but on average they spent over twenty five dollars or ten times.

However, And I can attest to this. So it includes I going to conferences the sign up Kit Bond products dressing up if you don’t have a suit going out and buying a suit if you don’t have one that driving places the products the marketing the telephone bill not to mention your time away from your family. Right. The gas bills everything.

The average network marketer a direct salesperson multilevel marketer. Only earns an average of twenty five hundred dollars a year whereas they spend twenty five thousand dollars a year.

 However, So the bosun’s spent 25 came to me point 500 bucks. How was that a good investment. You are better off if you just stay home and do nothing right.Instead you would have made nothing that you’ve spent nothing.At least that’s your like breaking even or losing a real part time job to make you money to be out of money is incredible.

So it bugs me then that people go through these lies and that’s why also the attrition rate is so high. And that’s why you have to keep recruiting people in it which is all nothing.

I reckon the baby said a whole bunch of people people are not motivated. You’re right. Are not. Serious to have won expectations. It’s just frustrating and part of why I want to make this particular video. It just it. I have a lot of haters on. Yes. And that’s ok. Fuck you guys by the way. If your fans love you guys. What bothers me is sometimes I see on social media and they. Accuse me right. Dan.

Oh you know what their blog is doing it’s a pyramid scheme. When I am the fucking biggest anti MLM guy on the fucking planet. There’s a reason I want you to look at So many other speakers motivational speakers. Pickney. They speak at Mowlem conference you’ve never. Why do they speak at them on conference. Because M0 companies pay them a lot of money. Inspire and motivate their people.

Right where I can tell you right now you would never ever ever see Dan lock on a fucking network marketing stage. Period. Period. I don’t give they’ve paid me a hundred thousand I don’t give a fuck if they write me check for 1 million dollars. You will never see Daran law on a network marketing stage. Period. Because I am anti net well marketing. I don’t believe the model.

However, I don’t believe in what they do and I don’t believe they actually give a shit about people I want to grow people. I’m so strongly. I can tell you This. I’m leaving so much on the table. And. So much more if I just speak to. Just with just just might with my influence. This is the very first time I admit what I realized which was different about you was that you didn’t focus on. Yeah sure it’s a big argument about the whole network marketing even.

I was very vanilla about it but what you taught me was about having that because I wanted to build a business was to have that high income skill then scale a business and investments right which is so different. It was a mind show. For me it was very big difference.

So there you go. The five biggest lies. So if you’re still thinking about asking me a lot of question or should should and should I George and not just don’t fucking joint marketing.

Finally, What’s your opinion on marketing. Don’t fucking join now in marketing. What do you think of this MLM. Don’t fucking join them. We are done.


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