The Status of Women in Islam

The Status of Women in Islam

Those who launch a charge against chaste women, and unable to produce four witnesses to support their allegations, whip them with eighty stripes and reject their evidence ever after. They are the culprits. (Al-Quran 24:4) Those who bother believing men and women unjustifiably, bear on themselves a slander and an obvious sin. (Al-Quran 33:58) Those who slander chaste, believing and imprudent women are cursed in this life and in the Hereafter. They deserve awesome punishment in the doomsday. (Al-Quran 24:23)

  O Prophet! When you divorce women, divorce them at their prescribed periods, and count (accurately), their prescribed periods. Fear Allah your Lord. Turn them not out of their houses. They (themselves) do not leave, except in case they are guilty of some open lewdness. These are the limits set by Allah. Any who transgresses the limits of Allah, does wrong to him only. Afterwards Allah may send another order which you do not know. (Al-Quran 65:1)

However you wish to be neutral between your wives you will not be able to deal equally. Do not turn altogether away from one, leaving another as in suspense. If you like to be friendly and fear Allah, you will find that Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful. (Al-Quran 4:129)

When they have reached their Iddah term, take them back in kindness or part from them in kindness, and call to witness two just men among you, and keep your testimony upright for Allah. Those who believe in Allah and the Last Day are insisted to act in this way. Whoever keeps his duty to Allah, Allah will prepare a way out. (Al-Quran 65:2)

Those who accuse their wives who have no witnesses except themselves, their solitary evidence can be accepted if they bear witness four times with an oath by Allah that they are solemnly telling the truth. On the fifth oath they should solemnly invoke the curse of Allah on themselves if they tell a lie. It will avert her from the punishment if she bear witness before Allah four times that the thing he said is indeed a lie. On a fifth time she should invoke that the wrath of Allah will be upon her if he speaks truth. (Al-Quran 24:6-9)

O believers! It is not lawful for you forcibly to inherit the women against their will. You should not treat them with harshness in order that you may take away a part of that which you had given them, unless they are guilty of deliberate lewdness. But consort with them in kindness, for if you hate them it may happen. You may hate a thing from her in which Allah might have placed much good. (Al-Quran 4:19)

Islamic Culture O Mohamed! Say to the believing men that they should lower their eyesight and guard their modesty that will make purity for them. Allah is aware of what they do. (Al-Quran 24:30) Say to the believing women that they should lower their eyesight and safeguard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what appear obviously.

They should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husband’s fathers, their sons, their husbands’ sons, their brothers or their brothers’ sons, or their sisters’ sons, or their women, or the slaves, or male servants who don‟t want physical needs, or small children who have no sense of sex. Woman should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments. O Believers! Turn you all together towards Allah, that you may get victory. (Al-Quran 24:31)

O Prophet! Inform your wives and your daughters and the believing women to draw their cloaks close around them when they go away. That will be better, so that they may be recognized as modest women and not annoyed. Allah is always forgiving and merciful. (Al-Quran 33:59)

Contemptible women are for contemptible men, and contemptible men for contemptible women. Virtuous women are for virtuous men, and virtuous men for virtuous women. Those who say so are innocent. There is no relation of their saying and prevailing situations. For them are pardon and a bountiful provision. (Al-Quran 24:26)

Such elderly women who past the prospect of marriage, if they lay aside their outer garments, there is no blame on them, provided they do not make a wanton display of their beauty. But it is better for them to be modest. Allah hears and knows all things. (Al-Quran 24: 60)

O the wives of the Prophet! You are not like any other women. If you fear Allah, do not be soft of speech. If so, he in whose heart is a disease may aspire for you. Therefore speak normally. (Al-Quran 33: 32)

If any men when divorcing their wives calling them mothers they cannot be their mothers. None can be their mothers except those who gave them birth. In fact, they use words of unfair lie. Allah neglects sins and forgives. (Al-Quran 58: 2)

O believers! Do not enter houses other than your own, until you get permission on saluting the inhabitants. That is good for you, to be heeded decently. (Al-Quran 24: 27) Does Islam snatch away the Rights of Woman? Those who blame Islam snatch the Rights of Woman enlist the following accusations.

A man can marry up to 4 women but a woman can‟t. A man can divorce his wife by uttering „Talak‟ thrice. The women do not hav e the right to declare „Talak‟ (div orce). Alimony for the divorced women is prohibited. The Law of Islamic Inheritance declare the share of male and female at the ratio of 2:1 Muslim women either to be at home or cover in cloak when coming out Islamic Law declares that the value of 2 women witnesses is equal to a man‟s witness.

Islam has given full permission to enjoy with slave woman Prior to analyze each accusation separately, let us see first, what are reasons for these accusations? Are these accusations logical? Are these accusations acceptable?  Are Man and woman are equal to each other? The basic reason for these accusations that it is against the traditional belief “Man and woman are equal to each other”. As a man and a woman are not equal, there are separate laws for them. Some wonder at the variation.

Because they expect that both the sexes should not have any discrepancy in their tenets. First of all, let us analyze whether there is any logical background for this belief. Islam does not approve the concept “Man and woman are equal to each other.” Though this argument is sweet to hear but it is illogical. So, Islam rejects it outright.

Man and woman are different species. Their body, behavior and character are different from each other. Since they differ in these aspects they remain separate as man and woman. In what aspects both man and woman are equal, in those aspects Islam treats them equal and proposes same orders on them. In what aspects both man and woman are unequal, or can‟t be equal in those aspects Islam does not treat them equally.

In some aspects man had special qualification than woman, there man is considered superior to woman and vice versa. Islam evaluates the sexes in this way. Considering the both the men and women‟s body structure and behav ior Islam has stipulated them separate duties and privileges. It is an apparent truth that both genders are not equal in all aspects. Therefore Islam does disapprove this illicit assumption that both genders exactly equal to each other.

Assume a woman has both a boy less than a year and son of 15 years old. Both of them are equal to her as she bore them in her womb for a specified period at different intervals. If they demand food from her, the mother gives hard food to the elder son and allows him all eatables. But she will not give to her younger son. If she gives hard food to the younger son also, she cannot be a real mother. On the contrary she gives the food easily digestible to the younger son.

As she does not give the same kind of food for both her sons, nobody can blame her that she is partial to the elder and showed him more privileges. Let us analyze this in another angle. If both sons feel hungry simultaneously, she will provide food first for the younger son and then she will provide for the elder son. In this situation also, nobody can blame her that she is partial to the younger son and showed him more privileges.

As the digesting ability and the power of resisting hunger differ between her sons, her behavior towards her children is accepted as normal and not blamed as partiality. As there are non-changing permanent differences between man and woman, some separate acts suitable to them are provided in Islam. For a man, is his father and his mother are equal? Islam declares they are not equal. A friend of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) enquired him to whom is he more indebted? Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) replied “to your mother”.

That friend enquired again “next to whom is he more indebted?” Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) replied the second time “to your mother”. That friend enquired him third time “next to whom is he more indebted?” Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) replied third time also “to your mother”. Again that friend enquired him for the fourth time  “next to whom is he more indebted?” Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) replied on the fourth time “to your father”.

Narrator: Abu Huraira Buhari : 5971 Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) did not place the father in the second place. He pushed him to the fourth place. Thus Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) has exalted the woman‟s position very high. If the creed of Islam is “always men are superior”, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) will not have replied so. To show the supremacy of man, Islam heightens with due reason only. When exalting woman also, it does not heighten them without due reason.

• Men are not superior in all aspects

•Women are not inferior in all aspects

• Both are not equal in all aspects

When man is superior to woman and vice versa is based on logical reasoning. It is the wise stand of Islam and nobody can deny it. Women are tortured in Islam is the first accusation alleged against Islam. Let us analyze it.

Polygamy in Islam

A Muslim is allowed to marry up to 4 wives. Non-Muslims criticize it. This is the most important trump card to those who accuse Islam is partial towards women. Polygamy is practiced not only by Muslims There is a concept that Islam only permits Polygamy and all other religions are against it. It is propagated also. So, we have to analyze this accusation before we explain why Islam allowed polygamy. Even before Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), polygamy was prevalent all around the world.

It was considered as prestige of mankind. There are so many proofs for it in the world history. Contemporary Non-Muslim of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) had polygamy without any restrictions Some people does try to build an opinion that before Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) all had monogamy and after that only polygamy came in to practice. This is totally wrong. Not only contemporary Non-Muslim of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) but also other religions around the world had approved polygamy.

The pages of Indian mythology prestigiously support polygamy as follows: In Tamil Nadu(india) the current Hindu deity called Murugan has two wives by name Valli and Deyvanai The pages of Indian mythology Mahabharatha and Ramayana prestigiously support polygamy as follows: Famous current Hindu deity Krishna has two wives by name Bama and Rukmani. Rama, the deity of Hindu, who maintained monogamy, has his father Thasarathan with sixty thousand wives in his harem.

The pages of history depict many kings and affluent people had innumerable wives. The famous prophets of Jews and Christians David, Abraham and Jacob had lived with many wives. It will be clear that the accusation of polygamy as it was introduced by Islam to the world is a baseless one and contrary to the truth. Now we can go deep into the subject why Islam did allow Polygamy? Is there anything wrong in it?

Woman in the Quran


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