The conflict in Syria

The war is not over yet

The conflict in Syria is, above all, a civil war in which, according to the United Nations, more than 400,000 people have died, and another five million have fled the country, becoming refugees. Almost immediately after the armed confrontation between the Syrian government and the opposition began in March 2011 the consolidation of numerous political and military groups in the country and abroad began.The conflict in Syria.

In 2014 Western countries led by the United States formed a coalition with the officially stated goal of fighting against ISIS. From the very beginning of the civil war in Syria, the CIA, at the direction of US President Barack Obama, actively supported the so-called “moderate” opposition. The insurgents were provided with non-lethal military assistance, but later it was supplemented by the financing and training of insurgent formations.

On the eve of the presidential elections in the US, it was expected that all disagreements would go away with Barack Obama. Then Russia and the US, two so strong and powerful countries, will unite their efforts in the struggle against the common enemy of all mankind.

The conflict in Syria

Unfortunately, such a tale was not destined to come true, and the union led by Russia continued, through a storm of unfounded and deceitful accusations, to wage a battle with world terrorism, while the US did not stop trying to achieve purely selfish goals such as pushing Russia and Iran out of region. Moreover, it became known that the so-called Democratic forces of Syria controlled by the United States recruited children into their ranks. The United States knew about this, but did not try to resist. 

The goal of the uninvited appearance of the Americans was the creation of a situation of controlled chaos, which allows to control the previously unruly states, overthrow unwanted regimes and put obedient governors in the place of the previous leaders of these countries. The war in this case is only a means, albeit expensive, but very effective and often used by Americans.

Forces backed by the United States were rapidly conquering new territories, thanks not only to financial assistance, but also to the supply of weapons, the services of foreign advisers and the supply of information. Also terrorists often used artillery, which is a significant advantage in waging a war in the desert. US support for the “opposition” was outraged and was not a secret either for the world community or for the people of Syria.

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