Reasons for permitting Polygamy In Islam
Reasons for permitting Polygamy In Islam

Reasons for permitting Polygamy In Islam

Polygamy is not prevented by any law. If it is prohibited, it leads to prostitution and keeping concubines. These are not the only reasons for Islam to permit. There are some other reasons and justice for allowing polygamy to Muslims. 1. The ratio of girls‟ birth is more. Conjugal pleasure is essential for both sexes.

They can sacrifice any pleasure except this. That is why lovers are ready to leave parents, relations, friends and society for the pair. Those who come in between their affair become enemies. If they did get this pleasure, they become mentally retarded. Psychiatrists confirm this. There is no second thought that this pleasure should not be denied to any. If all have to get this pleasure equally, both sexes should be born in equal numbers. But it does not happen for many centuries.

None can deny that Women are born more than men. Some may think that this ratio difference will be less only. We should not take into account only the birth ratio. We should take into account the marital eligibility ratio also. A man‟s eligibility age for marriage is 25. But for a woman it is 15. The marital age for woman is 18 in the law book only but not in practice. Biologically a girl is matured earlier than a boy.

So, if you take survey eligible women for marriage and eligible men for marriage, the ratio of women will be more. The boys though they have either physical deformity such as Lame, blind, and humpback or they have character deformity such as drunkard, humpback, and blind get married. But the woman even they are beautiful and good in character get delayed in their marriage. This is the ocular proof that the ratio of women‟s population eligible for marriage is higher than the man. When will be the ratio of both sexes equal?

• Birth rate of both sexes should be equal. But it is not.

• Both sexes should be at equal age. It can‟t

• Like forefathers of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) female child should be buried which we don‟t. For this problem, if we do not find a solution, we should reap the bad consequences as follows: Unmarried women will be mentally retarded. They will seek pleasure illegally. Affluent will pay high dowry to their female children. Polygamy will considerably reduce the stagnant population of unmarried women.

2. The ratio of men‟s death is more Though both sexes die equally during natural calamities like floods, storm, Tsunami, fire and the diseases; during war, community commotion and political agitation men die considerably. And During 1st World War (14 Aug 1914 to 3 Mar 1917) 8.534 million people killed. During 2nd World War 20.21 million people killed. – Microsoft Encyclopedia. In the wars of napoleon .

2 million people have been killed. Due to the atrocities of US in Vietnam, Iraq, Iran and Palestine and in the atrocity of USSR in Afghanistan mostly men were killed. In Punjab, Kashmir, Kirkland political agitations, and in Muslim, Hindus communal commotions, Vanniar, Harijan, Devar communal hassles mostly young men participate and die. What is the plight of their young widows? While virgins are waiting for marriage how can they get their partner?

Should they live as widows up to their death? And Should quench their lust in illegal way? Should they lit fire and fall on it and sacrifice (Sati) them as did Rajput women in the past? No justifiable man will support the any 3 of the pitiable plights for women.  3. Suicidal death rate of Men is more than Women. In addition to war fields and agitations, suicidal death rate of Men is also more than Women.

The list of suicides in Tamil Nadu in 1982-84. Year Male Female 1982 3,314 2,076 1983 3,366 2,096 1984 4,450 3,021 -Dina Mani Kathir dated 12.06.1988 These are all the reasons for the scarcity of men in society. In this situation, polygamy is the only justifiable solution.

4. DOWRY In countries like India, where their cultural back ground insists to get sexual pleasure through marriage only, treacherous dowry is imposed on women‟s family. This dowry as a demand is put forth by those male children from the woman‟s family during the marriage. Due to the scarcity of bridegroom, his rate is increased in the Marriage Market. Some demand gold jewelry in Kilos and materials of usage in Lorries.

As woman is in surplus, the male atrocity is heightened. Affluent girls win over in the race while the poverty-stricken girls lag behind discarded. Considering all Islam allowed conditional marriage up to 4 women for a man. Those who feel that they may go to prostitution, or keep concubine if married to another woman the marriage population variance between sexes will be reduced.

Those who refuse to accept should show an alternate solution for it. 5. Burial Alive Some people murder after the female child is born. It is prevalent in Punjab and some cities in Tamil Nadu Salem, Madurai, Dharmapuri and Theni. Due to advancement of Technology, they find sex of the child before its birth and bury it in the womb of the mother, if it is the female child.

The mother accepts this atrocity considering difficulty of bringing up the female child and finding a bridegroom on her puberty while the bridegrooms are scarce in the society. Even living is a problem for women, those who are talking about equality and deny polygamy means, they do not understand the prevailing problem deeply.

6. Bachelorhood Some men postpone marriage and remain in bachelorhood. This also increases scarcity of men. To equalize marriage population of the both sexes neither prostitution nor sati will be solution.

7. Sexual affinity Marriage is arranged to outlet the sexual urge. If it is not available in time there is no meaning in life. Regarding this urge, women are disqualified earlier than men. Ev en at 70 men‟s generative organs produce sperm, they have sexual affinity but women elude from it while her menses stops at 50. So, men over 50 years gaze more at other women. The servant maids and little girls are the victims of these people.

It is because their wives are disqualified to outlet their needs. To each and every problem there is a justifiable method to approach. Those who do not know the physiology of both the sexes deny polygamy. The women during menses are disqualified for intercourse. Some women‟s menses prolong many days. In the period of menses, pregnancy, delivery and suckling the baby some men go for prostitution.

To avoid all these, polygamy is a boon for those who need this. The polygamy will regulate them and release the prostitutes from their profession also. Like these, so many justifiable reasons behind it. So, Islam has allowed Polygamy to men only. As Islam is a life plan for the whole world to guide all sorts of people for all time, it has given laws suitable to all.

Married woman will not agree their husband to marry another woman or they will not share their life with another woman. But when such a solution required for them also, they will approve the necessity of it. When there is women‟s scarcity then only dowry, prostitution and other atrocities against women will be eradicated. If polygamy is prohibited, when there are people who need more women, they will go for prostitution and it can‟t be prevented by any law.

There is regular news column for beautiful women are arrested in Daily Newspapers. Women those who don‟t get proper partner choose shamefully to call men in the public. Family is a responsible setup Even when polygamy is permitted, very few only live more than a wife. In the family set up the man should provide food, shelter, clothing and other expenses for the wife and the children born out of their relationship.

 When polygamy is prohibited, prostitution will flourish

 If prostitution is prohibited and polygamy is permitted a few will alone be ready for it. A woman can be second wife with her full approval only. If anybody is compelled for marriage, Islam cancels that marriage. So nobody compel a woman to be second wife. For a Muslim woman if she comes as a second wife, she and her children will be treated in equal rights on a par with the first wife. Is the aim of Polygamy for increasing population?

Recently some misconstrue that polygamy is the backdoor for increasing Muslim population and thereby reduce others as minority community. Therefore polygamy should be avoided. As per the Census Report of 1961 the Hindus‟ population was 366 Million. In 1991 the Hindus‟ population became 672 Million. The increase ratio is 1.836%. This increase is remaining balance after a large number has gone to other religions.

All the Indians were born as Hindus and changed their religion of their choice in the long run. Daily Hundreds of Hindus are converting their religion as Muslims only. In some village the total village has become Muslims. In 30 years the Hindu organizations worry that 36 Million Hindus have gone to other religions.

The increase of Hindus on the basis of birth is 672+36 = 702 Million. That means the original population increase of Hindus is 93%. Out of this, 10% had gone to other religions. The remaining balance increase of population is now seems to be 83% only. In 1961 Muslims were 460 Million. But in 1991 Muslims were 950 Million. Like Hindus increase ratio at 93%, if Muslims also increased the Muslim population should be 887 Million only. The excess 63 Million people have adopted Islam from Hindus.

In India Muslim population starts at 0 and increased by adopting Islam. It is alleged Muslims marry more women to increase their population. Handful of Muslims only has polygamy in a town. So, it is wrong to say that the population of Muslims increased due to polygamy. If it is alleged Muslims marry more women to increase their population. Though denied by law, more Hindus have polygamy more than Muslims.

Moreover, Hindus have concubines also. So it is a misplaced allegation on Muslim. Polygamy is not allowed to women Some argue that polygamy should be allowed to women also. This is an acceptable sophistry. There is no logic or morality to allow women to marry many men. If it is allowed the consequences would be very worst and unimaginable.

And If many women give birth to children through a man, we can identify the parents of each child without any difficulty and can impose the responsibility on the man to take care of it. If many men through a woman give birth to children, can we identify the parents of each child or can we impose any man to take care of it?

Does our culture agree this? Is it not a set back to our morality? This is a worst shame for the child and the mother. The child will be mentally upset. In this situation either every one disclaims the heir or each one claim that the child is belong to him only. Both the situation is dangerous. It will create confusion and worsen the problem.

The child can‟t claim any law of inheritance. Thus there is unchangeable difference between the sexes; Islam allows conditional polygamy to men only. Knowing all this claiming polygamy for woman too is a sophistry and not a logical argument. There is another important physiological reason for allowing polygamy men only. If a man wishes he can enjoy a woman when he likes.

But a woman can‟t enjoy a man if he doesn‟t like it. Polygamy can be prohibited only when there are marriageable men and women are equal in number. When there is bright chance to be first wife, no women will come forward to be a second wife.

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