Press release best practices

Press release best practices

In this chapter I’m going to show you another promotional strategy to start getting more traffic to this website once you set it up. So what you’re going to do is write a press release. I really like using press releases to get fast traffic especially when you’ve just launched a website. So what I’m going to do is layout the strategy and system that I used to submit and write a press release.

If for instance the main product that you are promoting is the Oakley Holbrook sunglasses, then you want to write a press release talking about a review site that you just launched or something about the website that you just launched. Make sure you title the press release. Your press release needs a title.

What I would recommend you to do is pick a good keyword rich title for your press release and then you should put in your business name and put in what you do (i.e. an internet marketing company). Here you will announce that you’re launching a new review website that features the new product. You can add the name of the product here, and then you can actually set a link to your website.

Also it’s very important that you try to at least say that you’re not affiliated with the main company. You don’t want anybody to think that you’re part of that company because you’re just an affiliate. So you want to make sure that you’re upfront about that stuff. You can put in just some other details of the product like the price range. Also put in detail like the items can be shipped for free – this is usually true for many items on Amazon over a specific price threshold. So that would be another incentive to make sure you tell people about in your offers.

Then at the end just make sure that you close it out with the actual link. To create the press release article, you can use a basic text editor or Microsoft Word. You can then format the press release before submission. Ensure that you insert the name of the product that you are launching, in this case, Oakley Holbrook sunglasses.

After you have created your formatted your press release, you will then be ready to submit it to a press release website. So what you need to do next is go right on over a site called http://www.freepress- When you first go there you’re just going to click on register and once you’ve registered just put in your user name, password, and then your email address. Once you have registered, click on login.

What you do next is to select a press release package type. There are several options here. I highly recommend the premier press release for $19 because it can actually help promote backlinks to your site which will really help you by increasing clicks to your website. Now just click Start on the package you have selected, i.e. Premier package. You will now have to enter the details of your press release. You will just copy the details from the Word document or text file that you had created earlier.

So pull up that file and use the title in this file as the “Headline Name” of your press release. Then you have a summary field. Enter just a couple of concise sentences about your press release. You can then copy and paste the body of your press release with the content of the pre-created word or text file describing your product. You can then enter tags relating to your main keyword. These tags are not part of your main body but are read by search engines to help your website with its ranking.

These tags are usually words closely related to your main keyword phrase. Having selected the premier package, you will also be asked for your website address to promote with the press release. You could attach an image if you wanted to. Then select the type of industry that you are in. You may not find the exact type but at least choose an industry that is closely related.

Web 2.0 properties list

In this chapter, we’re going to talk about web 2.0 properties that you can use to actually promote this campaign a little bit more. So what I recommend you do is that you pull up the press release that you wrote in the previous chapter and that you have in your notepad file. If you have a Google account you’ll be able to sign right in; if you do not just choose create a blog.

A Google account could be Adsense, Adwords, or Gmail, any of those will enable you to sign into the Web 2.0 site . Once you logged into your blogger account (via your Google account), I recommend you choose to create a blog. For your blog title choose your main keyword phrase.

Now choose the address for your blog. This should be unique; hence the address will be checked for availability when it is entered. Ideally you want to have your main keyword phrase in your blogger address URL as well. The next thing you want to do is choose your blog’s theme (or template). I recommend the first theme is usually pretty good. And then choose start blogging. Now it’s going to take you right here to your first post so this is right where I would actually submit that press release that you already wrote.

It’s just important that you’re getting more exposure out there and more possible backlinks to your website. So what I recommend you do here is to copy the press release text that you have previously created for the product that you are promoting. Now that you have inserted the post’s text you need to now actually make some of the key phrases and keywords clickable. To do this, just highlight the required text, and then click the paper clip icon. Then just put in your main website into the anchor link field.

This is how you create a backlink to your website. I also recommend that you take the main keyword phrase you’re trying to rank for and create a backlink for this also. Another web 2.0 property that I would leverage is a site called Squidoo. is a very popular web 2.0 site. Once registered, you can create a lens. When creating the lens, use your main keyword phrase as your product phrase. In our example, this would be Oakley Holbrook sunglasses; you could also try additional phrases.

Video content marketing

Video marketing is now considered a very important part of product promotion – perhaps the most important. If you can covey the looks and feel of a object visually, you are more likely to make a sale than just using descriptive words. We are all familiar with the expression “..A picture paints a thousand words..” If you are using a Windows computer then you can easily use a bundled application called Windows Movie Maker (or something else that you are used to that does the job) to create your video.

If using a Mac or Linux based operating system, then there will be something similar. When creating the video ensure that you fully describe your product and show your product from various angles. Also be sure that you put textual descriptions of your product in the video. Once you have created the video, you will then be in a position to start promoting it.

If you have a Hotmail account, you can easily go to to upload your video. In the description field of your video be sure to enter the keyword of your product in the first line along with the URL to your website.

Final Steps In this final chapter, I will just summarise everything covered. I will also show you ways that you can progress your affiliate marketing campaign. You saw in the past chapters how simple it was to find some products through and then actually start promoting them. So now that you have this knowledge, why not now go to and make sure you pick five to ten products that you can just start doing campaigns for.

The more you get out there the more results you’re going to start seeing. The more you promote your sites the more you’re going to start seeing it rank higher in search engines. I showed you the bare minimum as the promotions go. There are hundreds of press release sites, hundreds of video sites, tons of web 2.0 sites, lots of social bookmarking sites. So you need to just expand upon what you’re doing. Maybe target different keywords related to your specific product.

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