Polygamy and Feminism

Polygamy Effects

Prohibition of polygamy will lead the road to Prostitution. “It will affect the first wife “is the first argument put forth by those who oppose polygamy. If they are true to their argument, at the outset, they should demand for the prohibition of both concubine and prostitution. Not only in our country but also in many countries, it is not illegal to have concubine and prostitution.

Positive effects of polygamy

Ev en the Woman‟s Right Organizations show their dumb mouths on seeing this social injustice. Marrying as a second wife is not better than allowing concubine and prostitution? Besides, those who have sexual relationship with many women can spread sex sickness to his wife also.

If, “It will affect the first wife” is the real reason for prohibiting polygamy, why the women‟s Right Organization and the reformers against polygamy does not raise their voice against concubine and prostitution? Look at the law of our nation.

• Muslim can marry another woman.

• Non-Muslims can have concubine.

Those who raise their voices to prohibit Muslims‟ polygamy, did they demand to prohibit Non-Muslims‟ concubine? We can forgive those who do not raise their voice against prostitution, but, in our country, the Women‟s Right Organizations adv ocate prostitutes. They demand for their approval of sex employees.

Polygamy Relationship

In the seminars and conferences of Pro Prostitutes, the Women‟s Right Organizations and the Progressive Thinkers participate. By this, what do they support? If they advocate for prostitutes, it means that they support the customers of prostitutes also. That means they support infidelity of the husbands to their wives. Alas! What a fall of morality. The reason to oppose polygamy is “It will affect the first wife”.

If they are true to their argument, they should hate prostitutes, who lead the men to the road of infidelity and demand severe punishment for them. Those who are indebted to demand so, they don‟t. On the contrary, they support prostitutes. They are led by their conscience and aware that men are woman seekers by nature and it can‟t be avoided by law. So, they take this fallible stand.

The Women‟s Right Organizations and the Progressive Thinkers support the men who live with a woman other than his wife. If you like to live with a woman, marry her legally is the instruction of Islam. But non-Muslims wish to live with any number of women without marriage. Of the two, which is the best stand? When a man live with another woman and declared her also as his legal wife, her right is protected.

Polygamy negative effects

But, for the concubines or their children, there is no legal right. While the wife is eligible to live with, they are ready to live with other woman but they have objection only to marry her. When the men‟s desire to seek more women to liv e with at a time is not eradicated totally, we have to find an outlet to reduce it.

Men‟s desire will increase in a situation that they may liv e with more women and they need not bear the responsibility. On the contrary in a situation that if a man wish to live with another woman he has to give her right as wife; treat her equally with his first wife and accept her offspring as his heir; If these restrictions are imposed on men then their desire of seeking other women will be reduced.

In inevitable situations only they will go for another marriage. Therefore the permission for the second marriage is the real protection for both the first and the second wives. As per the law of our nation any man can live with a woman on condition that she should not be less than 18 years of age and she should not be forced for that.

Disadvantages of polygamy marriage

In the law of our country, prostitution is not a crime but doing it as a profession only is the crime. That is why, when a man goes to a harlot, he is acquitted while she is punished. In this manner, a man can live with a woman as many years he wishes. But, she should not be the wife of another man is the only restriction. Prohibition of polygamy is impracticable. Before enforcing a law, first of all, it is to be considered that is it practicable? In our country polygamy is allowed to Muslims.

But it is denied to Non-Muslims. For a non-Muslim to marry another woman, while his wife is alive, is a crime deserves for punishment. Now what is status of Polygamy Prohibition Act imposed on Non-Muslims? Non-Muslims, who are prohibited for polygamy, live with more woman than Muslims who are allowed polygamy.

A statistical Report taken from 1951 to 1960 is as follows: Hindus 5.03% Muslims 4.31% ST & SC 17.98% This Report unveils the fact among 100 Muslims only 4 persons have more than a wife. But among 100 Hindus 23 persons ( Hindus + ST & SC all are Hindus only) live with more than a wife. It reveals the truth that Prohibition of polygamy is impracticable That is why Mr.Ram Vilas Baswan who is living with more women can be a M.P and central Minister. D.M.K leader Mr.Karunanithy, though he is a Non-Muslim living with two wives.

Polygamy and Feminism

If it is unlawful, how can he be the CM of Tamil Nadu many times? Mr. Kalimuthu is also a Non-Muslim living with two women. If it is unlawful how can he be the Minister of Tamil Nadu many times and Speaker of Tamil Nadu Assembly also? Mr. Thirunavukkarasu. The M.L.A. of Aranthangi is also a Non-Muslim living with more women has been minister for many times, M.P and also a Central Minister.

Unpunished Non-Muslims by court for Polygamy. When a Hindu marries a second wife, the first wife lodges a criminal case against her husband pointing out his polygamy. In many cases the court rejects the case based on meager legal points and eludes the culprit out of punishment.

Polygamy stories

In Maharastra Mr. Balrao Sankar Lokande married a second wife.His first wife lodged a criminal case against him. Session court and High court convicted him. Mr. Balrao appealed to the Supreme court, the Supreme court released him. As he left some ceremonies pertaining to the Laws of Hindus Marriage, it can‟t be considered as marriage. Since it is not a marriage, he did not commit any mistake to punish is the judgment. Mr. Balrao Sankar Lokande against Government of Maharastra AIR 1965 SC 1566) Mr. Suresh Chandra Gosh married a second wife.

His first wife Priya Bala Gosh lodged a criminal case against him. High court refused to convict him on legal ground. Since he left some ceremonies pertaining to the Laws of Hindus Marriage, it can‟t be considered as marriage. Mrs. Priya Bala Gosh against Mr. Suresh Chandra Gosh AIR 1971 SC 1153) In Andra Mr.L.Venkata Reddy married a second wife. His first wife Mrs.Lingari Oppallamma lodged a criminal case against him.

In this case also High court did not convict him. As he left some ceremonies pertaining to the Laws of Hindus Marriage, it can‟t be considered as marriage. Mrs.Lingari Oppallamma against Mr.L.Venkata Reddy and others AIR 1979 SC 848) In Kashmir Mr. Bangari married a second wife. His first wife lodged a criminal case against him.

The court released him. As he left some ceremonies pertaining to the Laws of Hindus Marriage, it can‟t be considered as marriage. His second wife is a concubine only. Since There is no law to punish for keeping a concubine. Mr. Banari against the State Government of Jammu & Kashmir AIR 1965 SC 105) Thus our High Courts and Supreme Court passed judgments in many cases To know about this more in detail vide. The Courts view on Polygamy _ Prof.E.Arutchelvan.

The worst consequences will be in Prohibiting Polygamy. Most of the men live with a single wife throughout their life. But some men seek the loopholes of law and marry the second and third wives. A few of them keeping concubines are treacherous towards their first wife. Some others off and on have illegal relationship with harlots and the known women. There is no law to prevent them.

These bad people may bring bad effects and worst consequences to the society. To put these people in control and allowing polygamy for them is the best solution. Malaysian Hindus demand Polygamy As with Indian Hindus prohibition of polygamy is in convention with Malaysian Hindus also, it is in Practice.

Benefits of polygamy marriage

Since so many women are pregnant without marriage and then they are given up, the number of fatherless children is increasing. Malaysian Hindus have passed resolution for Polygamy to avoid the worst consequences of prohibiting polygamy. Those, who prohibited polygamy on the ground that it is the treachery to the first wife, can‟t avoid the real treachery.

In Malaysia, P.P.Party held their youth wing conference. Then P.P.P‟s Youth Wing Leader Murugaiya declared as follows: “In our society, due to married men‟s illegal relationships so many women are pregnant without marriage and then they are given up. The number of fatherless children is increasing.

Their future is in question. Considering the intricacies of the problems, the Government should permit the Non-Muslims also to marry a second wife.” For the demand of Murugaiya, some women‟s organizations proposed severe objections. For these objections, Murugaiya is not changing his conception.

He firmly replied that his demand is to protect Women‟s Right. The objecting organizations misconstrued the demand. By their objection, they deny the rights of second wives. I insist this opinion only after consulting the members of youth high command. We do not insist anybody to have two wives.

If the Government did allow Non-Muslims to have two wives, it will solve so many socio-economic problems prevalent among them. It will protect the victim woman with the support of a male who affected her. P.P.P‟s Penang State women‟s wing leader Elizabeth Steins Lav es is an important person. She openly declared as follows: Marrying a second wife should be allowed to Non-Malayans.

To marry a second wife I will allow to my husband, provided he promised to protect us both. It is not a sin. Many women will accept my opinion. Centering the problem of child born through the second woman due to a husband‟s illegal contact with her P.P.P‟s Youth Wing has proposed this opinion.

I also support this opinion. These children are denoted as fatherless without any justice. Regarding the polygamy women should come out from Utopia to day to day real world. As fatherless youth are increasing, this concept is spreading fast among youths. The National Registration Depart reports the status of Non-Muslims in Malaysia as follows: “In the country women give birth to child without wedding has increased.

This kind of happening reached a level to worry. Most of them are college ladies. Most of them are over 17 years.” Says Datho Ajikhan ( Director of National Registration Department) -Malaysia Nanban Tamil Daily dated 05-01-2002.

Muslim woman accepts a man only when he marries her. But Non-Muslim women have no law for second marriage and so she is cheated. After the child birth they are given-up. As their number is increased, Mr.Murugaiya‟s opinion is welcomed. From this information we can understand that polygamy is inevitable solution to all religious people.

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