online voting software
online voting software

Online Voting Software

WebprosBD has developed one of the most important online application named “Online Voting Software” or the election runner. We designed with latest bootstrap and developed with php laravel framework.

The main functionalities of this software is :
  • Adding Survey / election name with start date and end date.
  • Creating ballot with survey / election questions.
  • Adding voter either manually or from csv file.
  • Launching election : It automatically sends voters the survey/election questions with login credentials. Voters can login and vote for their favorable candidate/questions.
  • After the voting time is over ; The election stops and it shows real time results .
  • The admin then can share the result publicly .
Other functionalities :
  • Removing elections.
  • Changing admin password.
  • Overview of the election.
  • Settings : Changing election dates and details.
  • Main dashboard to see all the elections.
  • Election status : Running/ completed.

So to summarize the overall functionalities ; I would say, first you have to login with admin credentials .

online voting software

Then after login you will get a dashboard like this:

online voting software
online voting software

By pressing “+” button you will get a window where you can input election details .Then add ballot and then add voters. Finally , launch the election.

At last , after the election time is over, you will get to see realtime results; Like how many has voted for which questions/candidate with percentage.

online voting software
online voting software

You can now publish the result and share with people. Cheers!

Webprofessionals are here to  develop an online voting software  for you . We will do it with php laravel where you can easily edit your website, change images , text etc. We will provide it to you in a very affordable price . Please don’t hesitate to contact us on fiverr.

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