Most Successful Product Launches of all time

Most Successful Product Launches of all time

Products come and go every year, but some product launches are so successful that they
become memorable as some of the best marketing campaigns. Let’s take a look at a few examples of these product launches so you can get some valuable ideas from them: Most Successful Product Launches of all time .

1. McDonald’s Real Fruit Smoothies

In July 2010, McDonald’s decided to introduce a new item in their menu to redefine how consumers perceived fruit. So they launched their range of Real Fruit Smoothies, which resulted in a 5.7% boost in sales. How did they pull this off? Here are a few key takeaways from their launch –

• Clear value proposition
McDonald’s clearly communicated their pitch based on value with the aim to provide affordable indulgence. They stressed on the fact that customers could get 12-ounce smoothies for $2.29, which is half the price of an alternative from Starbucks.

• Video ads

McDonald’s also created TV commercials to boost their product launch. These commercials
were posted on YouTube to reach out to millennials who spend more time watching videos on the internet than they watch TV.

2. Samsung 3D TV

In 2010, Samsung launched the first consumer 3D LED TV in the market, which has revolutionized the television industry. When executing the launch, their main goal was to create awareness about the technology and the product. They made use of social media channels to generate buzz about the new technology receiving more than 2.4 billion impressions. Here are some of the methods Samsung used to fuel this product launch success:

• Publicity stunt

The most remarkable and memorable factor of the Samsung 3D TV promotion was the surprise performance in Times Square by The Black-Eyed Peas. The performance was filmed by director James Cameron in 3D and then used for driving an integrated campaign.

• Influencer events

Samsung also organized an after-party with celebrities and branded B-boys. The party involved a multi-screen 3D cube which showcased what the technology can do. The party was intended to give influencers and media personnel a firsthand experience with Samsung’s 3D technology.

• Social media buzz
Samsung made use of Facebook and Twitter to drive fans to watch the performance online. There were thousands of tweets generated from the event. They also advertised the new TV on their YouTube homepage, which reached 12% of their target audience. These are only a fraction of the most successful and memorable product launch campaigns that have occurred in the last seven years. While they are big names in their respective industries, you can still adapt the strategies and examples without exceeding your product launch budget. The key is to plan carefully and opt for the most cost-effective channels like social media to generate buzz and promote your new product launch.

So you’ve launched your product successfully, and managed to reach your goals. What now? Many marketers become satisfied with the results, so they stop their efforts. This could be a huge mistake as you need to continue promoting your product to yield long-term results. Make sure people have easy access to the product, and to information related to the product. To do so, you could provide them with video tutorials or blog posts detailing
how they can make the most of the new product. The idea is to ensure that people continue to find an interest in your product and remain loyal customers to your brand. Make the most of the steps outlined in this ebook to come up with an effective, winning strategy for your next product launch.



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Most Successful Product Launches of all time .



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