How to start amazon affiliate marketing

How to start amazon affiliate marketing

In this guide I’m going to show you a step by step system and strategy for cashing in as an affiliate for physical everyday type products. We’re talking things like TVs, we’re talking cameras, we’re talking video games systems, video games themselves, very popular items that people buy and that people want.

So to do this and to also become an affiliate we’re going to use the affiliate program for this example. Now there’s a whole variety of additional programs that you can become an affiliate for that this would also work for, but I’m just going to show you. So what you want to do is go to to become an affiliate.

Look for something that we know is very popular and that people want to get. Those would be things like TVs, people really want good TV systems. So what I would also choose is bestsellers, so go to the category that you choose televisions and video, and then select bestsellers. And this is going to tell you the bestsellers under television and video. Now if you want to see actual televisions and where they rank as far as the most popular televisions themselves then you can see bestsellers for a variety of topics.

The ranking statistic listed besides the best seller items is updated about every Learn . I find here the Panasonic Viera X1 series TV is very popular among people. So you can stand to make about 4-6% commission on televisions which is really good for this style of what Amazon is. Now Amazon does have a cap on certain higher end electronics so you might look for other products that maybe don’t have a cap.

So you might consider digital cameras, for example. You might just look at straight electronics, those are always popular no matter what the time of year is. Any time you can look at a store like Amazon and they can tell you what the bestselling items are, this is a really good indicator to you that that item is extremely popular. Look for things like for example here’s the Flip Ultra HD camcorder, very popular. You know Flip Mini Camcorder is one of the top five electronics.

So this would tell you that you should become an affiliate for this product because a lot of people want this item obviously because it’s a bestseller. You notice something very interesting here too amongst the entire electronics category you’ll notice that in the top ten, I’ve recently ran across two GPS systems. One of which is the Garmin Nuvi GPS system.

So that would also tell you that that’s extremely popular, so you might want to consider setting up a site selling Garmin Nuvi GPS units; that might be another idea for you.

Amazon keywords tips

What I’m going to do here is show you the product that I’ve selected to promote. I have decided to target in on Oakley sunglasses just because they are very popular, and they are rather expensive as well which means a higher pay-out as an affiliate. That sums up pretty quickly for you. So I would recommend that you go after that type of market. Having decided on the product, we can then go to Google to do some quick keyword research. You can use the, Adwords keyword tool. You need to go to the web address: So inside here what I’m going to do is type in the main product name that I’m going to be going after.

Now this is going to be slightly different than other kind of research that you may be doing so you know it is just because we’re promoting a different sector of products we’re promoting a specific kind of physical type product. So let’s just type in here Oakley. After entering “Oakley” as your keyword phrase, you will then be presented with several keywords that your main keyword Oakley has extracted.

So let’s see here we’ve got a variety of different options here.You’ve got everything from Oakley Juliet, Oakley Goggles, Oakley Polarized, Oakley sunglasses, just a whole list of different kinds of Oakley sunglass. Now what I like to do is to look where to where it says global and do a search that way. To do this click on the top of the column that says “Global Monthly Searches” (or GMS). The list will then be sorted into ascending order of GMS. and then also come right over here to where it says match type and when I click on that that just sorts it from the most searched for to the least searched for.

And I’m going to choose phrase match because it’s going to give us a better indication as to the popularity for example. So as we go down here what we’re looking for is just some keyword phrases that might jump out as being keyword phrases that look like they could potentially give us some traffic.

So for example here’s one in the table below; 18,100 people in the local search area and then 90,500 every single month are looking for Oakley Holbrook. You could do the same for any product that you find on Amazon. Before you want to promote a particular item, you could do keyword research, just as I have outlined above. If there seems to be a high GSM ( i.e. more than 20,000) then you should consider targeting this item, otherwise look for another.

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate

Now it’s time for you to become an affiliate for so you can start promoting the physical products that are very popular for good profits. So you need to go to Scroll down to the bottom of the page to where you see make money with us, and then you want to click on join associates.

What you’ll then see on this page is basically kind of a tour of the Amazon affiliate program. It talks about what the program offers you. It gives you some really good ideas as far as different ways you can promote products. So what you need to do when you first get there is click on join now for free and then just put in your email address and then put that you’re a new customer or if you are an existing customer you can put that in; then sign in.

So that’s how you would sign in or you can just log in once you become an affiliate. here so this is kind of an example account here. Once you are logged in to your account, you will need to decide on the type of product that you wish to promote. I will show you later how to do this. Before we do this, you will need to grab our domain name and then get that domain name hosted.

From that point you can setup a mini-website for your campaign and then also work promoting and getting as much traffic as possible for the specific products that we have decided to promote and push out there to the market.

Registering a domain name

Now it’s time for you to register your domain name. To do this I recommend that you use ( because it is very important that you have your own domain name with hosting. Now there are ways you can get around this but to really make this system work properly it’s very much advised that you have your own domain and that you have your own hosting set up.

I highly recommend using GoDaddy to purchase your domain. I think they’re a great company; they’re reliable, they’re fast, they’re efficient. There are other website domain name companies out there. You can get your domains through them, that’s not an issue. I’m just using for this example.

So what you do now is to start a domain name search for whatever product it is you’ve elected to promote, whether it’s the Oakley Holbrook sunglasses for this particular example or let’s just say a certain brand of TV. When you have decided on a particular product to promote then try to use that as your domain name. For instance, if you are deciding to promote the “Samsung PN05 TV”, then you should try searching for the domain name “SamsungPN05TV” on to see if it is available.

This will help with your product visibility on Google. Of course some of the domain names may have already been acquired for many popular products. In that case, try to get a domain name which has may suggest and has the keyword within its name.

Now if you have any questions as to the legality of using the companies name within your domain it’s best that you talk to somebody about it but I’ve never run into any issues with this, and also it is most advised that if you’re going to do this that you make sure that you very much are very aware of the rules and regulations. Also make sure that you put notices that you are not tied to the company and that this is an affiliate site or something like that. Usually when you do that you’re going to be just fine.

I’m mentioning that now because some people can get concerned about that. When going through the process of buying your domain, beware that Godaddy will try to upsell on other items related to other domains or domain features. You can choose NO to all these upsells. So by the end of buying your domain, all you end up with is just the domain name.

As far as registration length for your domain, I normally choose just one year. You can always choose to extend at this at the year’s end. Okay so now you’ve got your domain and you’ve got the year and then you just choose your payment method. Whatever payment method, you will then need to agree to the terms of service and then just hit continue with checkout. On the next page you’re going to be met with a form where you would fill out your credit card information for example.

So that’s through the process of registering your domain and once you register you’ll get a confirmation message telling you that your domain(s) have been registered so you’ll be able to access it. You’re going to be able to find your domains inside your account under domains. Then just select “my domains” to actually look at all the domain names that you have purchased in the past or present; or the domain that you have just purchased if it’s a brand new account.

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