How to shorten curtains

In this article I will cover three things : Firstly ” How to shorten curtains ” , then ” How to hang a door ” and finally “How to fit a door handle” . Hope it will be informative .

How to shorten curtains

You will need

– Tape measure

– Sewing pins

– Scissors

– Iron

– Sewing machine or needle and thread

Having alterations made to your curtains can be expensive . But with a basic sewing kit and a few simple steps you can easily shorten curtains yourself. How to shorten curtains, How to hang a door , How to fit a door handle .

Firstly measure your curtains whilst they are hanging from their pole or track . And marking on your desired length using the pins. Don’t forget to double check your measurements to ensure that you don’t cut the curtains too short .And get the alteration right the first time.How to shorten curtains, How to hang a door , How to fit a door handle .

Now remove the curtains from their pole or track and carefully unpick the stitches that fix the main curtain material to its lining. Make a note of the measurements of your existing curtain material and lining. Unpick the existing hem on the curtain material and trim the excess fabric to the mark you made earlier.

Ensure that you leave enough fabric to make the new hem. Turn the fabric up to create the hem , checking it is level by using the tape measure, press the fabric in place and pin if necessary. Stitch across this to create a hem either by using a sewing machine or by hand stitching with a needle and thread.

Repeat this process with the lining material and rejoin both the curtain material and lining with a row of stitching.How to shorten curtains, How to hang a door , How to fit a door handle .

How to hang a door

You will need

– New door

– Screwdriver

– Pencil

– Safety goggles

– Dust mask

– Panel saw or hand plane

– Screws

– Hinges

– Mallet

– Chisel

– Wooden wedges

How to hang a door


To complete the look of your decorated room, hang a new door to compliment your new interior. Start by removing your old door, take out the screws from the bottom hinge and then the top, ensuring that the door is properly supported throughout removal. Use the screwdriver to remove any paint that has dried over the hinges and screws.

Next cut your new door to size, hold the door up to the frame and mark on the door where the wood needs to be trimmed with the pencil. If your old door was a perfect fit, use this as a guide, lay the old door on top of the new door and mark where to cut. Make sure you take an equal amount from the top and bottom of the door so that finished product will be correctly balanced.

Curtain material and lining

Now put on your goggles and dust mask – remember safety first. Use a panel saw if you are cutting more than 6mm off, for trimmings less than the 6mm, use a hand plane. Trim carefully in accordance to your markings, allowing an extra 2mm either side and at the top of the door to ensure that the door can open and close smoothly once fixed into the frame.

If you have a particularly thick carpet, leave up to 10mm at the bottom of the door. The hinges must now be put into place, check the new hinges against the section where the old hinges were in place on the door frame. If they are not the same size, use a mallet and chisel to cut out a hole for the new hinges.How to shorten curtains, How to hang a door , How to fit a door handle .

Once you are satisfied, fix the hinges into the door frame with a single screw and open the hinge. Prop the door against the frame with the aid of two to three wooden wedges and mark where the hinges fall onto the door. Lay the door flat and remove the hinge from the door frame, placing the hinge onto the door.

Mark around the entire hinge and use a mallet and chisel to carve out the section of wood so the hinge slots in and lies flat. Fix one screw into the door, which will hold the hinge in place temporarily.How to shorten curtains, How to hang a door , How to fit a door handle .

Again prop the door up to the frame using the wooden wedges, fix the hinge flaps to the door frame using one screw so you can make any adjustments if necessary. Check that the door opens and closes correctly, then fix the rest of the screws into the door and door frame.

How to fit a door handle

You will need

– Pencil

– New door handle (latch, spindle and screws)

– Drill and drill bits (including flat wood cutting bit)

– Masking tape

– Chisel

The second stage of hanging a new door is the fitting of the door handle, which is a job in itself! Firstly, the latch needs to be put in position at the middle of the door. Generally the bottom of the latch sits 1 metre above the floor.How to shorten curtains, How to hang a door , How to fit a door handle .

Hold the latch in place at the 1m mark and at the centre of the edge of the door; mark its position with a pencil. Take your drill and flat wood cutting drill bit and place against the latch to measure the depth that you must go to whilst drilling. Use masking tape to mark this position and start drilling.


Drill the hole into the side of the door and chisel out any debris. Next insert the latch, ensuring it is level, and mark around the entire latch. Use the chisel to scrape away the wood to create a shallow hole to allow the latch to lie flat. Now you must accommodate the spindle part of your new door handle.

How to fit a door handle

Finally , Hold the latch in position on the outside of the door and pencil . Where the hole in the latch is positioned. Repeat on the other side of the door. Choose a drill bit that is 2mm wider than the actual spindle .And start drilling into the door to create an insertion point. Again use the chisel to remove any debris from the freshly drilled hole.

Slide in the latch and place the spindle in and through the latch hole. Finish by screwing the latch in place.How to shorten curtains, How to hang a door , How to fit a door handle .

Top Tip

Keep an eye on the other side of the door. Whilst drilling a hole for your spindle, as soon as the drill bit starts to emerge, stop drilling . And continue from the other side to prevent the wood from splitting.

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