How to Sell On Amazon FBA for Beginners

How to Sell On Amazon FBA for Beginners

I have already known one thing for sure; you are interested in selling on Amazon. By knowing some more facts, this little or mid-level interest is going to be changed into your definite choice.

Do you know Amazon rules over almost 50% e-commerce business inside the USA? Most striking part is that more than 40% Amazon sellers make 100K to 1 Million US dollars per year. Another 15% sellers make even more than that.

Yes, you got it right. You can be one of them doing business independently and making money up to your expectations. Think about it as really tough and do not start. Or take it as a challenge and give it a solid try. Which one seems good to you?

By the year 2019, more and more people are going to enter into the e-commerce platform. You have got the opportunities till now, so do not make it too late. Having practical experience with Amazon business, I am here to guide you in the right direction.


Start your journey by creating a Seller Account

I tell you, it is as easy as creating a Facebook or Google account. You only need to put the correct information.

Half of your work is done. Follow the steps of signing up. Choose one between two options to start your own journey. However, Individual Seller or Professional Seller – these are your choices.


Individual & Professional Seller Account: What to Choose?

Individual Seller option is basically designed for occasional sellers. You may disagree but this is my perception towards it. Create an individual account and there’s no account maintenance cost. Yet, every single sale includes $0.99 in addition to other fees.

There are some other expenses like Amazon percentage for each sale, FBA fees (if you use Fulfilled by Amazon) which are same to both types of sellers. Amazon takes 8% to 25% of price based on your product type.

Professional Seller account removes this $0.99 per item; rather it will be replaced with $39.99 monthly subscription fee. The easiest calculation is to take the professional seller option and make 40 or more sales every month. In this way, you get a profitable selection in terms of saving few more bucks.

Don’t take it as the only benefit of a professional seller account. There are some other advantages like promotions, gifts, business reports, and other additional advertisements along with business management options.


Good news is still remaining. You can switch between accounts any time. So if you choose individual account at first, you can move forward to the other one by judging at your business situation.


Let me assume that you have chosen the professional account on your starting. Yes. It’s a pro decision I must say. What comes next?

The real world of Amazon selling comes next.

You will be taken to Amazon Seller Central which is the control room of your business in Amazon. I am going to share some practical issues to make money on the e-commerce platform king of USA.


Best Products to Sell on Amazon

Amazon platform provides you with the opportunity of selling a huge variety of items. 30+ available categories can make you confused as well. This is the most important part to analyze the perfect items.

What is the solution? It totally depends on you. At first, make sure about the sourcing in your hand. Choose what products you can buy at a wholesale price whether it is inside the USA or you need to import from any other country.

Here is an interesting part, tricky as well. Go to the Amazon website, analyze the available market. Finalize those high-quality items you can sell to people with lower price compared to others.

Done with product selection? Buy these and stock it on your warehouse (if you have one already. If not, what about those spare spaces inside your house?)

You are on the absolutely right track! It’s time for listing your products.


How to List items on Amazon?

It sounds so much easy. Is it so? Maybe the process itself is easy, I agree with you. However, there is no doubt that perfection in it is quite hard to reach.

Let me tell you again, Amazon has made the process really simple for you. I am going to describe this formal procedure at first.


Inside the seller central, you get a dropdown menu called Manage Inventory. You will find two options to list your products.

  • Add a Product
  • Add Product via Upload


Now, Add a product is a manual process of uploading a single product specification and listing. On the other hand, Add Product via Upload provides you a Microsoft Excel file specifically designed to fill out with your product listing and specifications.

The advantage of the second process is that you can upload a bulk amount of products by filling out a single excel file. It reduces your time consumption to a great extent.

You can choose either way to determine the product description and specification of the product you want to sell. Here comes another issue. What basically a listing contains?


What includes in listing an item?

The answer can differ from person to person. To be very specific, I would say there are 4 most important parts of listing an item.

  1. Title
  2. Bullet Points
  3. Descriptions
  4. Generic Keywords


Title is the heading of your product which is initially shown to your customers. You can include less than 200 characters to describe your product. What should you write on a title?

A combination of what people search and what your product actually is. Yes, this should be your base target to make the title of your product. You can seek help from a lot of paid and free keyword research tool websites, such as: (Paid) (Free) (Partially Free) (Partially Free)


Bullet Points

Bullet Points are included to describe your product in short. Generally, you can include up to 5 bullets each having up to 250 characters ideally. Write your products key features and brief your product to catch customers.


Descriptions part is a huge opportunity to elaborate your product features to customers. Write up to 2,000 characters. Each and every detail should be included so that customers may not find any questions related to your product. Write in such an attractive manner to stick your target onto your listings.

Generic Keywords

Generic Keywords are blessings to a seller like you. How? While searching on Amazon, sometimes people misspell the product name. For example, a customer can unintentionally write “Ubrella” while searching for “Umbrella”.

Besides, there are always some relevant words; you could not get a chance to include inside your listings. Here comes the function of generic keywords. You will include these misspelled words and other relevant words on it.

Amazon will identify your listing as relevant even if people search for these specific keywords. What is the interesting factor here? These generic keywords will be only shown to your seller central. However, buyers will not see them on the storefront.

Hold on, Hold on. Don’t be excessively excited. Are you thinking to include lots of words which come into your mind? Please stop thinking like this way. Amazon has already limited it to 250 characters at most.


Importance of Quality Product Listings

Amazon product listing is the introduction of your product to the consumers. The more eye-catchy it is, the more you can sell your item.

If these three parts along with your product image cannot please and motivate your customer, then there are countless options for them. In fact, Amazon always wants to provide as many options as they can to their customers.

There is another crucial factor of product listing besides convincing your target customers. You can call it indexing. You can take it as one of the major parts of Amazon algorithm. Have I dropped you middle of nowhere? Don’t worry, I am here to make it clear.

When a user searches for a particular product on Amazon, this website tries to bring the most relevant products in front of him. For example, a young girl has searched for “makeup mirror”. What will be the results?

You will find neither completely irrelevant result like “mobile phone case” nor almost relevant product like “big bathroom mirror”. Amazon is going to provide you with the most relevant, to the point result which actually are mirrors for makeup.

How does it understand the most relevant product? That is called indexing. Use appropriate keywords inside the title, bullet points or generic keywords. In this way, inform Amazon algorithm that your product is the best result for a specific search.

Have you got the proper idea of the importance of product listing to sell on Amazon? I know you had it before, but I tried to make it crystal clear. Make your proper listing to increase your sell.


Importance of Images on Amazon

A statistical data should be enough to emphasize more and more on product images. More than 80% buyers on Amazon actually buy product considering three factors; title, images, and reviews.

You should show your product with excellent quality images. Make sure it is the original product you are selling. Remember, there are always some sensitive buyers who might match your product point by point with the image.


How to Ship Sold Product?

There are always some people who fear to sell products on Amazon. The only reason behind this is product shipping difficulties. I can help you with some magical information. Yes, your hassle will minimize dramatically.

How? By choosing FBA. What is FBA? Ok, let me clarify the product shipping issues. Currently, there are generally two ways you can ship sold products to your customers.

Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM):

Order is taken on Amazon website and informed to you. Shipping responsibility is on you. Carry products by person to their home or choose any shipping service, it is your choice.

If you are doing business in the USA, you can choose UPS (United Parcel Service) to deliver your product to the customers in a pleasant way.


Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – Amazon Prime:

The choice of almost every successful Amazon seller is FBA. It reduces your difficulties of shipping items to almost nothing.

All you have to do is, transfer your products to the Amazon Warehouse. They will package these items properly and send them to customers when products are ordered. In return, they will cut an FBA free from each sell which varies from product to product.

This sounds really easy. All you have to do is, you have to make an assumption about your upcoming sells. According to your assumptions, you transfer the bulk amount of items to Amazon.

How can you transfer? Just seek service from any parcel service like UPS. It’s as simple as that.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Fulfillment by Amazon Program? I can tell you some, rest you can find while using FBA.

  • Easy packaging and gift wrap done by Amazon
  • Minimize your packaging time and cost
  • People trust the FBA seller more then FBM

If you want to sell by FBA, you must choose the option of Fulfill by Amazon for every listing you have uploaded on your seller central.


Tricks to Increase Sales on Amazon

So far I have described the whole process to be an Amazon Seller. That’s for sure; your target is not to name yourself as an e-commerce seller. You need to sell your items on a huge number every day.

You have gone through the whole article. That’s a clear indication of your success. Why? You have got the combination of right intention and courage along with proper guideline.

However, do not stop here and miss these great tips. I am going to share with you some key notes to increase sales on Amazon.

  • Start with a product research
  • Find out lower competitive product to sell
  • Make an excellent product listing
  • Emphasize on the title, use multiple keyword tools
  • Collect proper images, upload as much as you can
  • Ensure perfect indexing, do not miss any relevant words
  • Try to ensure your product quality
  • Compete with other sellers on price and quality
  • Price should be minimized as much as possible
  • Try hard and soul for customer product reviews and feedback
  • Keep sufficient quantity so that product should not go stock out
  • Always provide best customer service
  • If buyers face any type of problem, try to solve it quickly



Is it really hard to compete with too many sellers on Amazon? I don’t think so. You are ahead of most others when you have got some additional qualities; patience, courage, focus, and the right intentions. I suggest you not to overthink. Just start your journey from today. Best of luck.

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