How to Promote Your Ebook On Linkedin

Are you thinking to Promote your ebook on linkedin ? Then this article is for you where I will try to cover “ How to Promote Your Ebook ” , “ Ebook Promotion Ideas ” , “ What is Linkedin All About ”,  “ What is linkedin used for ” including  “ Linkedin For Authors” , Linkedin Marketing Strategy , Linkedin Connections Explained , What are 1st, 2nd and 3rd connections in LinkedIn . Hope you will enjoy and get benefited.

What is Linkedin All About

It’s easy to build a house, if you know how. If you don’t, you may find that it’s not so easy to stand in the rubble and realize you should have gotten some help. LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to market your book and build a solid presence.

If you don’t know the etiquette, or understand how to use it properly, it also offers you the opportunity for endless frustration and embarrassment. That means, if you’ve never used LinkedIn before, you need to stay with us through this introduction or you could end up alone with your monkeys in the rubble of your reputation.

What is linkedin used for ?

It’s a social network for professionals. The vast majority of people on LinkedIn are in the Business- to-Business world. They aren’t on the platform to chill out with their friends. They use Facebook for that, just like everyone else.

Also they use LinkedIn for professional networking, that is, to develop job opportunities, business opportunities, and to learn a little from other people. The good news is that these people don’t tend to share pictures of kittens very often, so you can drop those from your LinkedIn marketing plan immediately. Ebook Promotion Ideas .

Linkedin For Authors

To get started on LinkedIn, you need to register and create a profile. You can’t do anything on LinkedIn without a profile, so it’s always the first order of business. Don’t get caught up in the idea that a profile on LinkedIn is “just an online resume.”

Ebook Promotion Ideas

It has the potential to be much more when it comes to marketing yourself and your products. So make sure that you take the time to fill it out completely—LinkedIn will tell you when you reach 100%. Linkedin Connections Explained .

Also, be aware that LinkedIn profiles get a lot of Google love, and when someone Googles your name, it may well be your LinkedIn profile that they find first.

Linkedin Marketing Strategy

When everyone is joining the publishing bandwagon, it means two things: (1) there are great opportunities, and (2) you’re going to have to work hard to make yourself heard with all that background noise. Remember your monkeys?

You don’t have to spend your time worrying about them. You could channel that energy into motivation instead, and that might just give you the push you need to succeed. Now, take a deep breath.

There are three rules that you have to play by to make a success of LinkedIn marketing: Linkedin Connections Explained .

Rule 1:

Engage Your Audience. If you want to be a success, you need to encourage your audience to come with “The number of self-published books produced annually in the U.S. has nearly tripled, growing 287% since 2006, with 235,625 print and e titles released in 2011 . . . ”  you on your journey. How to Promote Your Ebook .

Take an active interest in your audience, in addition to the active interest you’re taking in your book. That can be a lot of work when you spread yourself over dozens of social networking sites. So ask yourself the question: “Is LinkedIn the right place for my book marketing?” If it is, you’ll need to commit 100% to making time to talk to the people who are interested in you.

Have a word with your monkeys and see if they’re prepared to help motivate you on this. Ebook Promotion Ideas .

Rule 2:

Get In with the “In Crowd”. You can’t reach 200 million people by yourself. Don’t try. What you are going to do is be selective about the people you reach out to— influencers in your field, reviewers with a sympathetic approach to new authors, etc.How to Promote Your Ebook .

These people can take your work to much larger audiences. You need to give this time. You don’t become popular overnight anywhere. It takes real relationships. You eat an elephant (and probably a family of monkeys too) one bite at a time. Linkedin Connections Explained .

Rule 3:

Network. Hang on a second—isn’t LinkedIn for networking? It is, but you need a little real world credibility to make the most of your online networking. You can build a reputation solely online, but that’s a long, hard struggle and there’s no need to make it that much work. Get some face time with local media, local business groups, etc., and then use that to leverage additional credibility online.

Meetup  is a great place to start, as it’s the world’s largest network of local groups. You can work with over 9,000 local groups or even start your own group, to build some support you can take with you onto LinkedIn.How to Promote Your Ebook .

Linkedin Connections Explained

If you are a LinkedIn user with a decent network: It’s time to reach out to your existing contacts. Are there some key people you can work with in your network already? Ebook Promotion Ideas .

Linkedin Connections Explained

If there are, then it’s time to reach out to them. Send 4 or 5 notes a week to reconnect with these people. It’s much easier to do this than to try and “cold call” new connections. Can you feel the monkeys quieting down as you give yourself a great head start? “Traditional publishers pretty much do nil when it comes to marketing a book, unless you’re Stephen King or happen upon a hit about sparkly vampires. We have to turn to resources like social media to get the job done.”

Erika Napoletano, The Power of Unpopular  never used LinkedIn (or rarely log on to the platform): It’s time to focus on your profile. You wouldn’t buy a book with a terrible cover and blurb, would you? You wouldn’t buy a million dollar house right next to a busy highway, would you?How to Promote Your Ebook .

Your profile is your biggest advert, so you want to take the time to create a strong, welcoming presence that suggests your book contains valuable information for readers. Skimping on your profile tells your readers that you don’t care whether they read your work or not. That’s a recipe for gorillas on your back as you start marketing.

No one can carry a gorilla. Then it’s time to start reaching out to people you know. Use your profile and some of LinkedIn’s direct introduction tools to connect with people you know in real life—your friends, family, present and former colleagues, trade organizations you belong to, etc. Linkedin Connections Explained .

What are 1st, 2nd and 3rd connections in LinkedIn

These are known in the world of LinkedIn as 1st connections. The real magic comes after this, with 2nd and 3rd connections. These are the people your people know. Sound complicated? It’s not so bad. Here’s how it works: Linkedin Connections Explained .

1st connections: These are your fellow LinkedIn members you actually know. They are the building blocks of a much bigger network.How to Promote Your Ebook .

2nd connections: These are the 1st connections of your 1st connections. That means, they’re the people your 1st connections actually know. They are an introduction away from you. You can ask one of  your 1st connections to help you connect with a 2nd connection and thus build relationships that are valuable to your book marketing.

3rd connections: LinkedIn members to whom you are only vaguely connected, perhaps through several layers of other people’s networks. These LinkedIn members may have a great impact on growing your book marketing campaign.

On LinkedIn, you are allowed to send messages to any of your 1st connections. All you need to do is use the message icon on their profile. Traditionally, we have had 3 options for contacting a 2nd connection:

(1) get an introduction to them from a 1st connection, Ebook Promotion Ideas .

(2) join a group they belong to and initiate contact there (we’ll look at this again later), or

(3) if you’ve paid for premium membership, you can send them an “InMail” directly. Today, there is a 4th and pretty exciting option . . . a new LinkedIn tool that makes it really easy to not only find valuable, targeted connections but actually . . . well . . . connect!

How to Make Connections On Linkedin

Here’s the simple 6-step process in a nutshell:

1. Visit the profile page of any one of your 1st connections. (Just pick any one — for demo purposes.) How to Promote Your Ebook .

2. Scroll down the profile page until you see the section entitled “Connections”.

3. To the right of “Connections” is a magnifying glass. (Whenever you see the magnifying glass, it indicates a searchable item.)

4. Click on the magnifying glass.

5. A little window opens, into which you can type any keyword of your choice. Type in “marketing”, “finance”, “real estate”, etc. (Any criteria you wish. For demo purposes.)

6. Hit ‘enter’, and you’ll now see a complete list of your connections’ connections who use the keyword ‘marketing’ within their profiles. (Just below the word “Connections” is the number of connections meeting your criteria.)

Awesome, huh? But wait . . . there’s more! See the little “advanced search” link? Here’s where the fun really begins. Click on “advanced search” to sort through all of your connection’s connections based on a wide variety of criteria.

For example, if you want to work for a specific company, search by company name, or search for recruiters in your industry. Want to see a list of your peers, competitively? Search using your job title and variations. The options are endless. You can even search across group members.

And here’s another tip: When you’ve identified 2nd and 3rd connections you might like to meet, differentiate yourself. Don’t send an Introduction request through LinkedIn like everyone else does.

Instead: 1) Call your 1st connection Ebook Promotion Ideas .

2) Inquire about the person and the relationship

3) Get your connection’s opinion regarding this person’s value to you. Then you can send the introduction request through LinkedIn, assured that it will meet its mark rather than being ignored and . . . BONUS! . . . you’ve just strengthened your relationship with your 1st connection by calling and asking for his opinion.

It’s a good idea to build as extensive a network of 1st connections as possible. Each 2nd connection you bring into your 1st connection network will offer further opportunities for growth and marketing. If you really want to connect with a 3rd connection, you’ll need to bring a 2nd connection into your 1st connection network.

Don’t be afraid of trying to connect with people you don’t know. On the other hand, don’t overdo this, as you may be blocked by a user who doesn’t know you. It’s perfectly acceptable to send a polite note to someone asking if they’d be prepared to talk about a shared interest, etc. Ebook Promotion Ideas .

Essentially, don’t be the awkward soul at the party. You don’t want to stand in the corner ignoring everyone. At the same time, you don’t want to be the guy who goes round boasting about himself to everyone and connecting to no one. Use your common sense to guide your networking. Also, examine your approach to new contacts. Ask yourself: “Would I do this if the person were in the room now?” If the answer is “no,” then you need to choose a different approach.

How to Promote Your Ebook

OK, we’ve got the objectives down. Now let’s look at how to give your profile a little boost, so that it’s easier to achieve your objectives. Who Are You?

The Profile Headline

The headline is a quick summary of who you really are. How will you add value to someone else’s professional life? (Remember, this isn’t Facebook, so there’s no need to be quirky to lure people in.) Let’s say that you’re at a networking event to promote your work. Which of the following responses provides the best “headline” for what you do?

Stranger: What do you do? You: I am a teacher. Stranger: What do you do? You: I teach LinkedIn. Stranger: What do you do? You: I teach small businesses how to use LinkedIn to generate leads. It’s pretty obvious that the third response is the one most likely to connect you with people who need your services.

“I’m a teacher” is too generic. (What do you teach—physics?) “I teach LinkedIn” is no better. What if I don’t know what LinkedIn is? What if I don’t know how I might need LinkedIn?

The final phrase adds the value of what you do and tells me whether we should explore how my business can benefit from what you do. So be specific and add value.

It might be that “Author” is your basic description, but to make it work, you’ll need to add: “Non-fiction author specializing in business training” or “Fantasy fiction author bringing dragons to your front door!”

3 Headline Facts to Remember

1) You only have 120 characters to work with, so keep it short and punchy.

2) Don’t be too creative. The LinkedIn search engine works almost exactly like Google, so missing keywords may mean missed opportunities.

3) Don’t go with “Author of XYZ Book” if your book isn’t famous. No one will be searching for it. If it is famous — well, they’ll be buying it from Amazon rather than hunting it down on LinkedIn. Use the space to describe you and your contribution instead. How to Promote Your Ebook .

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