How to Increase Your Blog Traffic for Free

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic for Free

At my main aim is to teach you how to Increase Website Traffic naturally. It means involving ethical and natural methods. It makes a way for constant and lifelong traffic if you continue all the advices given in this tutorial and are following me from day 1. We are not only submitting our website or blog to Top PR websites but also building powerful backlinks that is increasing our search engine rankings.

For improving our internet presence we need to constantly work on the core strategy. For this session we are going to look at the bookmarking sites. They are a great source for increasing our backlinks and it takes just a few moments.

So now each time you are writing some new content like writing a blog everyday just bookmark the links to these websites. This is a great way to advertise your website for free. Let us take a closer look at bookmarking websites. Bookmarking websites are actually sites that save your link to allow you to easily access your favorite website. There is a positive effects when you bookmark a website. It not only gives you backlink but enhances your social presence.

If you have put a link on these sites it means that you think that it means you think and find a content interesting. You might be using many of these sites unknowingly already as some of the most famous sites are bookmarking sites like google plus, twitter, printerest , Technorati etc. Here are the advantages of using these sites.

1. As these website are high page rank websites. Search engines index these sites regularly and fast so your content gets indexed fast

2. If you are constantly updating your bookmarks that gives you greater backlinks and search engines visibility.

3. There is a possibility of your content going viral all it needs is your link to be shared by many users.

4. It increases the value of your page rank and

5. These websites are free so they provide a great way to increase traffic for free Registering to these website is easy as some website only ask for your email address. Create a profile in these websites and you can repeat the process again and again.

Here are some more bookmarking websites which were not included in the list

1. :- With a page rank of 4 and alex ranking of 403,201. You would be wise to bookmark your links here. Be careful here because if you install their add on whatever you will add as favorite in firefox it will be posted as a link. My advice to you is add manaually.

2. Page rank 4 and alexa rank 22594. This is another place where you can bookmark. It creates a nofollow link so no advantages in terms of profile creation.

3. : Page Rank 2 and alexa rank 15821. It is where you can create your profile and also your own blog.

4. page rank of 6 and alexa rank of 11434. Here is again a great website to save your links. It will also let you create your backlink on your blog which will be visited by visitors. There are plenty of more bookmarking website if you look in google. I am just giving you the essential list. So be sure to bookmark in all of the website I have mentioned.

Ok now is the time to review what you have accomplished. Posing as SEO expert Review: Let us review what we have accomplished in the last 6 days as I want to encourage all of you who have followed my plan.

1. You have already written 6 blogs

2. You have already submitted 2 youtube videos (if you are following the 3 days plan)

3. You have already submitted to the top document sites creating pdf and documents of your articles

4. You have already optimized your website or blog and established authorship on it.

5. You have already made accounts and started posting your content on your social networks. This is great work. At the end of 6 days you have already grown your reputation by 20% and you will continue it I am sure of it and most amazingly you have found a way and a method to build your reputation slowly. Only 4 more days to go.

We will be talking about tools, some more unique methods and some already discussed submission methods. We will look at day 10 and again and review what we have accomplished in greater details. As I have said earlier you are not recognizing what you are achieving in these training days.

You are thinking that I have just submitted to some sites and created some backlinks. But in internet everything is viral and you have created more links then you know and also enhanced your web reputation. Core Traffic Strategies Day 7 I know submitting your website to other sites is a time consuming and tiring process but it is essential to increase your site rank in search engines.

But sometimes you will find that submitting regularly or following a strategy repeatedly can also bring down your rank in google. So there are some strategies of submission which you have to follow since now you have learned how to submit to different sites.

  • Write a blog daily but do not take one keyword and write only about it. But mix your content with different keywords and topic about the same subject.
  • Sometimes you will find that your position in google is not changing despite following the submission procedure properly. It is time to stop for a few days and give your attention to some other sites or focusing on other aspects of site design or SEO.
  • Never give search engines a pattern: Always keep changing your plans for example if you are submitting your site to article directories for the past 3 day now change your focus on blog submissions. Keep mixing the submission process so it seems natural to search engines. Always keep in mind that they are crawlers and can detect the same pattern.
  • Submit to dofollow sites: Always look for dofollow websites. nofollow wbesites does not increase your rank in google. Submitting to nofollow wbesites also do not improve your trust ratings. But it can make a difference in alexa backlinks.
  • Do not submit to too many sites at once: I have found people buying auto submission software and posting to hundreds of sites this can lower your site position instead of improving it. Do not submit to more than 10 sites (maximum) per day.
  • Build your reputation slowly: People want faster results without giving much time and making less efforts so they try do many things too fast and they fall into the trap of search engines. While building reputation slowly builds trust in the eyes of the search engines.

Writing Unique Content Ok so let us look at the other submission method but always keep your foot on the break. You know what will happen if you put your foot on the accelerator only it will lead you to crash. Article submission: Article directories are a good way to build your backlinks.

While submitting articles you have to keep one thing in mind and that is not to use article spinners or software that can duplicate the same content in a different way. With google humming bird the process of making duplicate articles is over. I know it takes time and is really hard to make unique content but it is well worth the rewards.

You reap what you sow and this law really applies to search engine optimization. Why are we doing all these submissions? The answer is simple we want to increase our website rank and the only way to do that is to create backlinks to our website or blog. The more backlinks (of quality) we build the more ways we are giving and creating for people to reach us. And ultimately the main goal is traffic.

So you are creating roads to your website for people to come to you. The more traffic you are going to create on your website the more your position will rise on search engines. But again you have to put your foot on the break when attracting traffic to your website is concerned we well deal with this in our next tutorial on core traffic strategies day 8. See you on day 8.

Submit a guest post

Ok so today is day 8 and you may be happy to know that it will be the end of submission strategies. I have tried to cover only the FREE traffic strategies and we will cover the necessary tools on day 10 to speed up your work and make you more efficient. We will be discussing instant backlinks and also forums today.

I am leaving out comment posting because google has announced that it won’t be taking that in account in their rankings. So without further ado let us jump into this last day for traffic submissions tactics. Instant Backlinks & Forums Instant backlinks are a great way to make backlinks as they are not time consuming and takes less effort.

Ok here is something that I have not really looked and discussed and that is forums. Since it also depends upon what your website is about?. You should submit to as many forums as you could for increasing website traffic. Each forum has its own rules. So here is a list of top 4 forums where you could register and create powerful backlinks.

  • 1. : This is a good forum. But you have to submit at least 20 posts before you could post links and earn some backlinks. It has a page rank of 4 and alexa rankings of 4969 which is quite high. You can create your profile here.
  • 2. Cnet Forums: Very high quality forum with a page rank of 7 and alexa rankings of 100. You need to have an account with this site.
  • 3. sitepoint : Page rank of 6 and alexa rankings of 897. This is again a popular forum giving you great backlink.
  • 4. Warrior forum: Page rank of 4 and high alexa rank of 200. It is a good place for selling your products if you take their paid membership. I am not posting too many forums as forums are developed keeping a particular subject in mind. So find forums on your subject in google. But check for their alexa rank.

If it has a good alexa rank join them. It will bring a lot of traffic to your website. Now you can take a coffee or a tea break. I know you are working hard depending upon the email and feedback I am receiving. I want to thank all of you for being so attentive and I know that SEO is not an easy process but I have just tried to bring some method into this madness.

Now you are doing some great things to increase your traffic and rankings.

  1.  Blog Submissions
  2.  Video Submissions
  3.  Document Submissions
  4.  Basic SEO optimization
  5.  Social Site Submission
  6.  Bookmarking
  7.  Article submission
  8.  Forum Submission

Amazing ! I am so proud of you all who are following my plan. Already you would be experiencing a shift in your rankings in search engines and getting positive results from Alexa. Now you have created powerful ways for people to reach and discover your website or blog.

Your job is to build on further roads and keep working on your submissions. We will make it more easy by using some powerful tools. By now you must have also realized that how much we as SEO firms (at least honest ones) have to work for improving your sites position. I agree that you cannot work 100% as SEO experts because there is some inner knowledge and tools which only come by experience. Yet I wanted everyone to join in the process of SEO and traffic. See you tomorrow.

How to Increase Blog Traffic Fast : Generating blog traffic


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