How to Increase Blog Traffic for free

How to Increase Blog Traffic for free

If your are following this tutorial from the start then you would have already written your blog and wondering what we have in the core traffic strategies for day 2. Today we are going to dive into something very interesting and enjoyable.

And the good thing about is that you can do it alternatively or every 3 days but you have to stick to a pattern and follow it. So grab a cup of coffee and let us go So the 2nd core traffic strategy is Make Videos It is a well know fact that video brings traffic. So you have to commit yourself to make and post a video every 3 days.

It is pretty easy to make a video and the only thing you need is a headphone with mike and your imagination. You have to make a schedule of committing yourself to make videos every three days or daily whatever you prefer but you have to be constant to increase website traffic. The best place to make a video and submit it is youtube.

Now here are some tips for making a video which can bring traffic to your website.

1. Make a channel where you will be posting your videos in youtube.

2. There are three things where you should put your keywords

a) The title of the video

b) Description

c) Tags or keywords

Make sure that you put your main keyword in the three places. I will advice you to put it also in the fourth place and that is the video itself as videos are read by google.

3. Use voice as videos with voice attracts more attention then videos which are silent. Also if you could put music and a little style in it then it is going to be better.

4. Make it interesting and you may shout at me that how am I supposed to do it. It is pretty easy as you have lots of videos to guide you on the same term (keyword). Just pick some of the top videos and see how they are presenting according to the views. Do not look at the first 3 to 5 videos as they may have been advertised but look below them and the likes and views will tell you a lot about the video.

5. Always put your url in the top of description. Since youtube hides description after a few words. It is always better to put your URL on top. For Example. Visit my blog (Your Blog URL) for traffic and SEO tutorials. This is a place where…etc So (Your Blog URL) Will have the actual url of your website and at the top where everyone viewing the video can click.

6. See the results of the video which you have posted in a month and compare the results with each other. It will give you a pretty good idea that which video attracted the most views. Try to improve on it. Posting your video to other websites Besides youtube there are other sites for posting video.

I had already shown it to you in one of my previous blog. So submit your video to these top 10 sites every 3 days. Smile now The work so far: Ok so you are submitting one blog everyday and posting it to other blog sites.

You are also now going to submit a video every 3 days (or everyday) to the video sites including youtube. And if you are wondering how this is going to help you in getting traffic or if you have already done it before and it did not work.

It will work this time why? Because you were not doing it constantly or you did not have a pattern. You did not have anybody watching over what you were doing. Now you have the perfect pattern and also I am helping and teaching you with more than 12 years of experience in SEO and web Design. You cannot go wrong.

So smile and stop wondering. Just do as I say and I will take you there. This is all folks today. Now you have to work in making your video and your blog. If anyone of you who is facing any problems in following the blue print let me know. You can just email me and I will be happy to answer your queries.

I could have written all this in one page but I want this system to gradually fit into your lifestyle. And increase website traffic naturally and easily. Tomorrow we are going to look at Day-3. For now do not let that coffee get cold.

Strategy to increase website traffic fast

Ok fellows today is day 3 for core traffic strategies. It is great to see some of you have already started implementing my strategies. Now the 3rd strategy will be very simple as you are following the strategy of day 1 this is just going to be an extension of that.

So here it is the 3rd day to increase website traffic. Submitting to documents sites It is very simple just convert your blog or article to pdf and to power point. And start submitting to document websites.

The document sites is a great way to attract visitors to your website and if you have written an interesting blog or article you can attract many visitors to visit your website. I have already written an article about the top documenting sites.

Here is a link to it You need to make a profile in these sites and start submitting documents to them. You can submit one document daily to these sites. But be careful about using unethical ways.

What happens is that some people get a clever idea that they can create multiple users and submit the same article by different pen names or create multiple accounts. Such type of practices should be avoided. Be honest, be slow and let the traffic come to your website naturally. Search engines will mark you as a good site and your reputation will start growing.

Here are some tips on making documents which can increase views of your website.

1. Make the heading capture visitors:

Most of the time it is the heading of a webpage that captures attention and let visitors decide whether it is worth seeing your page. So make sure that the heading you are specifying is an interesting one. Also include keyword in your headings. Now if you are including the same keyword for every title it will become quite boring. Use different keywords for different pages in specifying headings

2. Content is king:

Google has made content the king of everything so if you are a good writer you have great advantage over others. If you are not a good writer (like me) and have got technical knowledge then do not worry as your technical expertise is enough to let others become interested in your content.

3. Give urls of your website :

In your document always be sure to mention urls of your website or blog. You might also add a small page pointing to the urls of all the interesting content you have written.

4. Embed pictures in your document. A picture says a lot more than words. Include pictures in your articles as that will make your document (you can also apply this technique in a blog). Your main aim is to capture attention of visitors. Images can help you a lot in the process. So now the work on you is increasing. Let us look at what you have to do now.

1. Write a blog everyday

2. Make a video in every 3 days

3. Make a pdf and ppt document (sites which accept ppt files) and submit it to the sites mentioned. I would also advice you to do one more thing. And if you are already angry with me for making you work so much do not worry as I will calm down your anger by providing you the right set of tools in the end which will make your work much easier.

At the moment you can make a punching bag and paste my photo in it and can hit the bag as long as you like but please in reality do not hurt me as I am a very sensitive guy and all I am doing is helping you increase your website traffic.

So the one more thing I am telling you to do is also start searching the web for other document and blog sites. When you are looking just note that these sites have a high alexa rank. Take out your anger In tomorrow’s session we will come out of the submission mode and I will try to tell you about something which will make impact on your website’s positioning. With that said carry out the good work and see you tomorrow on day 4.

Strategy get traffic to your website free

So now we are in the 4th day of core traffic strategies to increase website traffic and as promised today we are not going to talk about submissions. We will talk about making some modifications in our website according to SEO.

I know you are writing a blog daily and you might have submitted your video on the 3rd day and preparing for the second video. Now you might say hey I have already designed my website am I to design my website again. I am not telling you to redesign your website but to optimize it from the SEO point of view.

Search engine optimization google

1. Make sure that you have specified all the meta tags. I have already written an article about the importance of meta tags from the SEO point of view. Kindly check it out and compare it with your meta tags. See that you have specified the author meta tag.

2. Make sure that your keyword is present in title, description, <h1> heading and also make sure that it appears in the first paragraph and last paragraph of your content if you are following me and writing a content of 500-700 words.

3. Make sure that your keywords do not appear more than twice in the content. Google rates keyword density from 2-7%. But I have found it by experience that it is better not to exceed the 2% limit.

4. Verify the markup of your website through the If there are any errors try to eliminate them. 5. Check that each image given on the website has an alt tag.

6. Check the speed of the website. If it is slow try to improve it by minifying the css and js and optimizing your web pages.

An article on this is also written by me in this blog. If all is well give yourself a pat in the back and do this process for the whole website.

Note that each page of your website should be optimized for a different keyword if possible. Do not break your laptop Optimizing your blog through SEO Now if you a have finished your website. Try to optimize your blog. There area lot of plug-ins for SEO optimization for wordpress so search for a plugin which is good.

I will advice you to install html plug-in also as it will let you view your blog in HTML so that you can make the necessary changes in the HTML itself. Verify that the authorship is there and verified by google. You can also test your page in the google webmasters tools by going to other resources and clicking on the first option.

See that in each blog you have got a link back to your main website page. Ok that was a lot of work but hey it is only to be performed once and for every new page you will already know what factors you have to take care of. Making and Submitting a sitemap: Now is a good time to make a sitemap.

Many people ask me when to make a sitemap and I tell them it should be made as you are adding content. But for our purpose as we are changing the sitemap everyday we can add It weekly. For all those who do not know that what is a sitemap.

A sitemap is an xml file which contains all the important links of your website and blog. I prefer to make sitemap locally and we will go into it I am sure some other time. For now you can make a sitemap by going to lot of free online sitemap builders. Just search for it in google. “free xml sitemap” When you have made a sitemap.

Visit the google webmasters again and submit your new sitemap. That is all you are required to do. We covered a lot of things and I know it would take a little longer for you to do that and since I did not wanted you to be bored with submissions only.

Tomorrow we will be back into submissions again. I know many people will be wondering that it is hard work and almost impossible but believe me it will become easier each day once you learn the pattern and have proper tools to do it.

One guy actually wrote me an email saying that he did not expected SEO to be so tough as till now he though that the SEO job was very easy that is to submit website to few high PR website and optimization of the pages. I am glad that he changed his viewpoint because true SEO involves building your reputation on the web and it is certainly a tough job for even experts who know what routes to take.

Every website brings with itself a new challenge and that is why it is so interesting. Let us move on to Day 5 tomorrow and see what we can do towards increasing website traffic.

Strategy 5 to increase website traffic

It is day 5 for core traffic strategies. We have reached half way mark. Today we are going to go into site submission once more. If you are feeling that you are doing nothing but writing content and submitting to websites then you are mistaken and I will proof you on day 10 when we will summarizing all that we have done that to increase website traffic you need only 2 things

1. content and

2. Links

You have already started building reputation from your blogs and submitting to various websites. Today let us look and use social websites to build your reputation further. Social media is one of the most important factors to get good traffic and the good thing about it is that it does not matter how social you are in life but if you have a good social presence online that is enough for bringing traffic to your website.

In my previous blog I had already mentioned some of the top social sites. So read and register to each of these sites. You might have been registered already to some of these sites. You might have seen many websites selling social links or participating in links exchange.

In my opinion you should stay clear of such websites. Google has not cracked down these sites till now but I know in the near feature google is going to come down heavily on these sites and at that time you will not like to be in the middle of it.

There is another reason. Reputation is build by constant efforts and can be taken away in a second. I have seen highly reputed sites go down and never heard of again. This is because it is easy to build reputation for a site then to repair bad reputation. Everybody is different and everyone can be a star in the social network.

You need not exchange anything but similar interest and topics. So start building your presence by following these simple rules.

1. Try to find who are near to your locally. As people often search resources and services which are near them.

2. Try to find people who are following the same niche as you are. I always try to find other SEO experts and get some great insights from them. Even if we are in the same professions we are not competitors but friends. Creating competition can hurt your business but creating unique products by involving your competitors needs lot of courage and focus. But once you do that the whole world opens before you.

3. When you are liked by someone or mailed by someone always return the favor by liking them or replying to their mails

4. It is a world of give and take and the best way to win friends in the social network is forgetting yourself and becoming interested in others. So go ahead search for your interests and do not forget to appraise a good blog or website or product etc.

Favors have a way of returning themselves. And it is true that some of them will not reply to you but those who do will become your friends forever and will watch in future what you have got to say. 5. Give information to people.

With your blog and your website you can find a way to give information or something of value to people. You will be amazed at the response. I decided to give wts traffic magnet after a lot of hard work for free when I could have easily taken money from it. In return I have got lots of friends all over the world.

Ok so the basic lesson is to become interested in others. I know you already have joined quite a few of the social websites mentioned above but join the others too. I could have put more sites but I believe that quality rules over quantity. Joining the top sites will give you more reputation. This is end of the tutorial for the 5th day.

Only five more days to go and if you are following me from the start you can congratulate yourself. We will see later and you might not have expected or know what you have accomplished unless I tell you that. So have fun.

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