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Are you thinking to Promote your business ? Then this article is for you where I will try to cover “ how to create amazing content ” , “Engaging content ” , “ Tips to create valuable content for business  ”,  “ How to create customer engaging content ” including , business content making strategy . Hope you will enjoy and get benefited.

Visitors come to your site because they believe there’s a chance you can solve their problems. They believe that you can fulfill their needs.

They have a desire, and it’s either fear or love that fuels it. And it’s so you should know that how to create amazing content

You have a gilt edged opportunity to meet this desire head on and fulfill it… but you’ve got to have the content to do it!how to create amazing content

If you’ve not created meaningful and engaging content on your site that actually addresses your ideal customers’ pleasures and pains, then you’ll have a leaky bucket.

Your content is the cornerstone on which you build your reputation and your entire sales funnel to create amazing content

If your content is weak then the response from visitors will be weak and conversions will be slow. how to create amazing content

You’ve simply got to dedicate yourself to creating great content that your readers value. But how do you go about that? Engaging content

In this lesson I’m going to get stuck into how to start making great content, and why creating content that speaks your visitors language is critical in order to build a solid list of ideal customers. Engaging content


how to create amazing content


How To Plug The Hole In Your Leaky Content Bucket Engaging content how to create amazing content

It all goes back to Lesson #1 and knowing your ideal customer inside out. Without knowing who they are, what floats, and what sinks their boat, you cannot write for them.

So if you’ve not completed the exercises in Lesson #1 then go back and do that as soon as possible. Engaging content

#1 Before Writing Your Content how to create amazing content

Before you start writing content for your site you need to take things you discovered from Lesson #1, and then link them together to form a complete loop.

1. Who your customer is Engaging content
2. What their desires are
3. Who you are and what ignites your fire
4. What product or service you’ll provide that meets 1 to 3 above.

Once all four elements correlate perfectly, once your purpose and drive are at the heart of the service or product you provide and that product satisfies a specific need on the part of your chosen market which you understand inside out, then you’re in an excellent position to speak the language required to get their attention.

#2 Now Let’s Get All Emotional(how to promote business)

Emotion sells. End of story. If you can get that and lead with it, then your content will speak volumes.

Check out how some of the bigger brands do it. Engaging content

Coca Cola leads with “happiness”, check out this paragraph from their US site…

“At Coca­-Cola our definition is just a little bit simpler. Happiness to us is anything that can bring a smile to someone’s face. We’re in the business of spreading smiles and opening happiness every day all across the world. We know we might not change the world over night, but if we can add just a few smiles to the world then we’ve done our job.”

Check out how Naked Juice heals your body and takes you away to paradise…

“While water is nature’s purest liquid, the nectar produced by the coconut palms that line tropical beaches comes a close second. However, when it comes to taste, it’s no contest. This delicious elixir has potassium and other electrolytes that make it a great beverage for replenishment. So, after you’re done working your body into shape, treat it to a tropical getaway.”

Being able to write like this may not come to you overnight, so you’ll need to practice it. Get your hands on these books that will help you learn the art of Copywriting.

If you are not going to write yourself, then at least gather the basic understanding of what I’m saying here so you can judge your copywriter’s work and know if it’s a fit.
Also, ask your customers for their opinion, for their feedback on new material, then make the necessary adjustments.


how to create amazing content

#3 Follow Up With Logic( how to promote business)

Technical people tend to lead with the features. Don’t do this, don’t fall into that trap. Remember, you are not producing content for you, you are producing content to meet emotional demand of your customer.

Your customers are not interested, at least primarily, about the features. Features come down the road a bit and they merely serve to finalise the deal.

Features never win you a customer. Your ability to meet their emotional needs does.

See how Naked Juice has the nutritional facts available on the product page, but you need to click in to view it. The sales copy is prominent.

In Summary

1. Complete Lesson #1
2. Emotion sells so make your website copy and articles address the emotional needs of your buyers
3. Follow up with technical details second, where necessary.
I hope the info I’ve given you here has helped you establish as base. I could do a whole course on Copywriting alone so we are only touching the surface, but once you can get the principle here it’s a good start.

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