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How to change wordpress theme on live site

By default WordPress gives you a basic theme here. So I’m going to teach you how to go about changing that theme so it looks a little more professional and so it actually sets you apart from some of the other websites out there. So what you need to do is login to the dashboard of your WordPress website by typing the following: http:// <yourdomain> /cpanel (where <yourdomain> represents the domain name that you purchased at

Now choose “Themes” from the Appearance menu, from the left hand side. Now click on the “Install Themes” tab. What I recommend you do is go to colors section and choose black and blue. Those colors tend to be professional looking. You can also choose sliver, and then actually just do a quick search here for themes that match that color. You’re going to find here some possible themes to consider.

So if you see a theme that you might like just simply choose preview, and if that theme looks spectacular to you, then just go ahead and choose to install it. Now you can come right back to your website. Refresh the page, and you’ll notice it completely changes the look and feel of your site. You can go back and do this for several different color options, you could do searches for one or two column sites.

It’s really going to be up to you. Two column sites are usually what you want to go with because it gives you some good options as well to go with. Then just look for another theme that looks pretty clean and then see how that looks like. Remember that you can preview a theme before actually selecting to use it for your website.

Notice that it may take you much time to actually find a few really good themes, but you don’t want to spend all your time on this step just because it can get you caught up and the most important part is that you’re focusing on making money with this system. So we’re going to go onto the next step which would be some ways you can use to actually start cashing in with this system.

How to get amazon affiliate link

In this chapter we’re now at the spot where we need to grab our affiliate link for some of the products we’re going to be promoting. So what I recommend you do is go to and then just scroll all the way to the bottom of the page look for “join associates”, under “make money with us”. I recommend this way to logon to the affiliate area because it’s the easiest way to find this area, in case you’ve lost the affiliate address for Amazon.

You can alternatively go to their affiliate program by going to the web address Once you are logged into the associate’s area you can then go to “links and banners”. And what you’re going to do at this area is you just want to choose “product links”.

So I would go ahead and choose add product links now, and then where it says search all products what I would recommend you do is just type in the name of the product it is that you’re promoting. You could for instance type in the product name, Oakley Holbrook sunglasses. This will bring up a variety of different products. Choose the most appropriate item from the selection and then choose “Get Link” next to the product you want to be promoting.

Then you will be shown several different options as far as choosing your link. You will be asked to choose from a text and image, image only, or it’s going to say text only. I recommend that you grab all of them or at least that you grab several you know you should at least try to grab a couple of them because that’s going to work well into your post.

So I would highly recommend that you at least go try to go for like an image link and a text link at least just because it’s going to make your life that much easier when you do. Also this text and image option looks good but with the image only you actually have a little more flexibility, so it’s going to be up to you on how you’re going to do that.

You can actually choose this link to show a border or to not show a border, so that comes out a little nicer. You can choose to use a larger image of the product which will actually also help some. And then you can select open link in a new window or not open in a new window depending on how you want to do that.

So for now we’re going to grab this text and image link. All you do is right click on the highlighted HTML, and choose copy. You can now paste the HTML code for the text and image into a notepad file for later use. You can now copy the HTML code for the just the text into the same notepad file. Also copy the HTML code for image only into the same notepad file.

You will be using all three of these links in the next chapter when it comes to making your blog post. Be sure to also save the notepad file in a location that you can easily retrieve. Putting in the price of an item may deter people from your blog post, so some options may not be the best kind to use. I like text only for that reason just because it doesn’t show the price and also the image only option because that also doesn’t show the price but it shows the product well and people are used to clicking on images now.

So again to take you through the process one more time. When you first login just choose links and banners, and then select product link. That’s what I recommend you do. That’s the easiest. And you just want to go for all products and you can search for whatever product you’re promoting. For example search for X Box 360 system and then you can select “Get link”. You can then actually again select from your different images here: text and image, image only, text only.

So it gives you a variety of different options. So that’s what I recommend you do, as far as getting the links and banners. Then I recommend you grab the links, put them into a notepad file and then label them. If you are going to use notepad, make sure that if you have the “word wrap” feature ON. Before you extract the link, turn “word wrap” OFF. In the next chapter we will describe how we create a post for our blog.

After that we’re going to go on to promoting our site a little bit so you can start getting some quick traffic and make the system work for you.

How to add amazon affiliate links to wordpress

Okay so for this chapter, I’m going to show you how to go about making your first money post, i.e. the post that is going to have your affiliate links which is going to send people to your offer which is how you’re going to make money. So you need to log into your WordPress administration section the same way you logged in to set up the site. First login to your dashboard. Next you want to select post on the left hand side, and you’re just going to take out the first post called “hello world”. Just go ahead and hit delete.

And then the next thing you want to do is go to “Add New Post”. Now as far as your new post goes it’s best that your post’s title is the main keyword phrase you’re trying to go after. So for this example let’s just say Oakley Holbrook sunglasses. You can suffix this with “on sale” or “for sale. Now you need to enter the text for the post. Ensure that the “Visual” tab is selected before you begin writing your blog post. This will ensure that you will get a WYSIWIG format to your text for the post.

Now just begin typing your text. You can also use the various formatting options at the top of the text window. This is just like typing into a word document or email. It should be very easy for you even if you’re brand new to typing If you are new to writing a blog you should be aware that your blog content should be unique and relevant. You should Google your keyword phrase only to take inspiration.

Also visit the product itself and actually just kind of look at the product and work up kind of a short little post and we’re talking like two or three sentences. However, you must ensure that you do not plagiarise. The post does not need to be overly huge but just enough to be interesting. This will be enough to get people to click on that link and go right to your offer. Typically, for example, when they’re looking for a product specific thing they don’t need much prompting from you because when they’re typing in Oakley Holbrook sunglasses there’s a really good chance they’ve already researched that product and know that’s the kind of sunglasses they want.

Best places to promote affiliate links

After you’ve set up your website and made your first post it’s now time to promote your offer. To do that you’re going to use social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is where basically you tell other websites, other people out there about your website. It’s kind of a social interaction. What’s very beneficial about social bookmarking is that your social bookmarking pages themselves like the post or do often rank highly in the search engines. So this is a great way to kick start your campaign.

Also another benefit from using social bookmarking sites is that they will help give you a backlink to your website which is going to help make sure your website gets indexed and gets found within the search engines. You’ve already set up your website using WordPress and by buying it via a reputable domain company, makes your domain more search engine friendly. Thus, typically your site will get indexed by Google within about a week or so.

But this social bookmarking will help expedite that process. Social bookmarking will also help you possibly get some more exposure which in turn leads to more traffic over the course of time that it’s out there. So let’s just jump right in here. What you’re going to do is the two main sites I recommend for you. The first is Now even though doesn’t necessarily send a direct link to your site that may be found by the search engines, the pages on still standout very well.

So if it’s your first time to, you can join dig at the top by clicking on “Sign In” in the top right corner. Right now, you can create an account using either your Facebook or Twitter credentials. If you decide to sign up for Digg with Facebook, all of the stories you digg will be shared to your Facebook Timeline. You can disable Timeline sharing at any time by visiting Settings. Once logged in, you can now submit a link.

To do this go to the URL or click on “Submit a Link” at the footer of the page. You will then be asked to enter a URL to submit to Digg. So you want to grab the link to your site that you’re promoting. Now you’re going to select news article since it’s just your main website. Then hit continue. After that it’s going to give you a title for the post. Typically it will pull (or digg) from your site title from the URL that you have specified. Now choose the best category for your post.

Typically, you can choose either “people” or “odd stuff” Then hit submit story. Once it’s submitted you should see a page that confirms that the page has been created at Now this page on can get indexed in the search engines. And if you were to click right here it should take people right on through to your mini-website that you’re establishing and setting up for your particular keyword.

So now go right on over to . is very good because it also can help you get a backlink and more exposure. Their pages also rank well within Google. So just go to and choose to login with either your Facebook or twitter account. Once you are at the home page, you will then be redirected to “” (i.e the beta development of

You can use your Facebook or Twitter account to create your chime account. You will then be assigned a chime username and will subsequently be able to pick your password. Once logged in to the main dashboard, you can then submit a post. To do this, simply click on “Chime This”. You can copy the link to your website by clicking on “Add a Link”. Now enter a headline for the post. This headline will be the keyword phrase for your product.

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