heal Your relationships

Heal Your relationships:

Full moons tend to illuminate our lives, helping us clearly see our problem areas. It can heal Your relationships.

Use the energy of the moon to look within. Notice what’s happening in your relationships, not only with others, but with yourself as well.

Are there aspects of your relationships where transference (when you apply a negative trait you experienced earlier in life to someone else currently in your life) may be blocking your view of what’s really going on?

What needs to shift?

As you become more aware, step into the role of “observer” and to the best of your ability, develop objectivity, be brave, and take action to clean things up.

Most importantly, don’t forget about yourself!

Take time to give yourself attention, love and compassion. Drop in, tune into your needs and be there for yourself.

Taking care of yourself can be hard work. It’s not just about buying yourself flowers or treating yourself to a pedicure (though those things are beautiful). heal Your relationships

Beyond that, it involves devotion to the parts of yourself that you may not like, so that you can move forward braver and more resilient than ever.

It’s about fully loving yourself for all that you are, shadows included.

Take a good hard look at any relationship imbalances, any area in your life where you might be resisting partnership and symbiosis and create an opportunity to get real and get practical about bringing things back to balance. heal Your relationships

Grab your journal and take some time to reflect to support you through this process.

Below are a few questions that may help…


Take a deep breath, drop into your heart and take an honest inventory of what is and isn’t working in your life…Remember, the full moon is symbolic of a chapter coming to a close so it’s the perfect time to release and shed that which no longer serves you. 

✨What areas of your life most need your love and attention?
✨What aspects of your relationships are challenging for you?
✨What limiting beliefs are holding you back?

✨What habits do have that are negatively impacting your life?
✨Where are you harboring resentment and to whom?
✨What old story keeps repeating in your life? 

Once you’ve taken the time to get honest, take inventory and see the areas of your life that need your love, it is time to decide whether or not you are ready to release them. If you are, take out your journal once again and write:heal Your relationships

✨I now release…  heal Your relationships heal Your relationships .

Write down all of the things you are ready to let go of and surrender. Whenever I do this process I envision myself handing over these old weights and releasing them from my body, taking my hands and reaching upward to hand them over to a power and presence far greater than myself.

This week, focus on releasing… next week you can lift back up and decide what you want to replace it with.

As you continue to journey deep within to heal, embrace, integrate and evolve you WILL return to love.

Your relationships will transform, including the one with yourself.

If You Can’t Look Back and Tell Your Story From an Empowered Place, Your Work is Not Yet Done.


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