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Fuss art of hair  one of the best hair saloons situated in  Edmonton, AB  T6E 4S4 Canada . It provides extremely friendly service and very talented stylists. In this article i will post some customer  reviews found in yelp,facebook and business directories. It may help you .

Services offered by fuss art of hair :

  • Updo Hairstyles
  • Bridal Services
  • Products for Sale
  • Women’s Haircuts
  • Coloring Services
  • Hair Treatment Services
  • Men’s Haircuts
  • Hairstyling Services
  • Blowout Services

Devin S. from Edmonton, AB reviewed fuss art of hair at yelp : 

For the past 7+ years, I’ve been going to Melissa at Fuss for my haircuts. Even though it’s pretty expensive for a student’s budget, I can’t imagine going anywhere else.

The staff is so friendly and accommodating. The salon itself is funky and clean. Parking has significantly improved now that angle parking on the street is allowed (before it was a nightmare).

Melissa is amazing. She is incredibly warm and willing to do whatever. You know when you only ask for a trim? She will actually do that, not hack away several inches like most stylists do. Both my mother and I are clients of her, and we’re polar opposites when it comes to style. Melissa can do anything. Now, I trust her enough to say “do whatever” and the results are always amazing.
Fuss is so, so great.

Lindsay B.Edmonton, AB said :

To note: when I originally started frequenting this salon it was south of Whyte. FUSS has recently moved to Saskatchewan Drive and a few stylists from the FUSS group kept the kitschy, converted half bungalow just south of Whyte and rebranded as Atelier. My girl Melissa is still there.

So take heed of this review; I haven’t been since the new FUSS location has moved, nor have I had the opportunity to see Melissa, for like a, year. I’m a full time working momma to a bunch of toddlers, mkay.

But on that note, I need a haircut.

Tyler E.Edmonton, AB:

Fuss Art of Hair is by far one of the best places to get your haircut in town. I’ve been going to Andor for almost 20 year and have never been disappointed! All the stylists are trained on the latest techniques and always make stylish recommendations. Fuss is located in a happening location just of whyte Ave and has a modern decor. I give this place 2 thumbs up.

Vicki M.Edmonton, AB :

I’ve been coming here for haircuts, and seeing Andor for almost 10 years now! Holy cow – I only just realized that =) Need I say more? Haha…. No seriously, Andor (who is also the owner of the salon), does a great cut. I have long wavy black asian hair, and he takes care of my locks whenever I come in, even if it’s only 1 – 2 times per year. Yes, his prices are a little high, but come one, he’s a master at his job, and makes you feel beautiful when you leave and these locks of mine are my security blanket so i wouldn’t trust them to anyone else If I didn’t have to! Beware, his schedule books up quickly so it’s best to book well in advance!

Heidi E. Edmonton, AB :

I am a once a year haircut person. My usual hairdresser was booked up so I decided to try somewhere new. I am so glad I did. Fuss is in a converted house and has the feeling of a collective of hairdressers. The space is very nice. Some background music is the only thing I felt was missing.

My hairdresser was Colleen. She was great. I never know exactly what I want when I go to get my hair cut. She explained what she thought was best and we went from there. I have always had this natural wave in my hair that I have fought against with straighteners for years.

The best thing about Colleen is that she showed me that I should embrace my wave. She gave me strategies to work with the wave and showed me a few tricks to do my own hair simply at home to define the wave, not flat iron it away.

I left Fuss with great hair and more confidence that I can have great hair everyday.


Natalie M. London, ON :

I’ve been going to Fuss for over fifteen years. When I moved away and came back three years ago, I was happy to find an amazing talent in Melissa. This, however, is not what prompted this review.

My son, almost three, has had some traumatic experiences in the chair, bringing mom to tears and him screaming from hairdresser shops.

I refuse to go to sub-par child hair cutting (surely not styling) establishments like Beeners after terrible terrible cuts. I booked him in with Thomas and hoped for the best.

It was the best. He played with his dinosaurs, tickled him with the clippers. She made my little guy feel comfortable, and when he is at ease, he listens to instructions.

Thomas gave him an amazing haircut that integrated his hair patterns and will last for a while. I was very, very impressed, and others have complimented my son on his great hair.

Me know that stylists don’t always like doing child cuts because they can be a lot of work and are not necessarily the most creative, but not once did I feel like we were imposing. Kudos! Another great experience at Fuss!


Jessica J. Edmonton, AB :

Fuss has been dealing with my hair dilemmas since I was a teen.Me have experienced excellent hair through a couple decades due to the stylists here!  I love this place so much that it was worth a 2 1/2 drive when I didn’t live in the city.

Me have seen Andor and Melissa on a regular basis for many years and I can’t imagine letting anyone else touch my locks.  I have had it straight, long, bangs, fringe, updos, curls – they do it all exceptionally well.

Me starting a new job on Monday that will have me in front of many people on a daily basis.  I want to look put together and Melissa was my first stop on my new job make over.

Me didn’t have a vision in mind so asked her what she thought and said she could do what she liked.  She came up with a plan, started cutting, and I love it!

She is very friendly (all the staff are) and skilled.  I am always excited to have my hair done here as I know it will always be awesome!

Erica L.Toronto, ON :

I’m not the easiest client when it comes to my hair (jet strait and long), but Colleen does a fantastic job. She’s cut and colored my hair a few times now, and I’ve always walked away smiling.

I’ve had lots of stylists attempt to tame my fringe (cruelly cow-licked and evil), but it looked great when I left the salon and continues to look great weeks later!

I don’t know what she does, but I’ve never been able to wear it equally well straight across, side swepped left or right, or pulled up! I’m constantly amazed.

She also dealt admirably with my request for medium brown ombre color (I think I requested something very clear like “subtle, but too subtle, kinda like Jessica Biel but not really, you know… something with style”) after being Katy Perry-dark for years.

When some of the color didn’t turn out the way she hoped, she pulled no punches about re-doing it. It’s so nice to find a stylist who’s professional and clearly takes such pride and care in her work. And she’s fun!

I also find the prices quite reasonable (after years of paying unreasonably for worse cut+colors in San Francisco and Montreal!) which is a nice little bonus.

Also, big plus– Colleen and Trevor both use re-usable foils! Yay for environmentally conscious beauty 🙂

Besides The space itself is charming, located in a converted house off of Whyte ave. There’s lots of natural light from big windows and the music has always been great. The stylists and staff are friendly and accommodating.

Most importantly I like the Kevin Murphy products they use. Overall a really lovely boutique salon EDM’s lucky to have.

Diana R.Edmonton, AB:

I chose Fuss-Art of Hair because of the previous Yelp reviews on here. When people say they see the same stylists from here for many years, that is a good sign for me. I had several other salons bookmarked but the reviews and the salon’s website drew me in. Me had a former stylist for the past 6-7 years but she moved out of province and was the only stylist I was a regular with.

I was afraid to try a new salon/stylist. Booked my appt online (love the convenience) and had so much anxiety building up. As I came to the salon (today actually!), it is located in a nice area with good parking and the salon itself is really clean with character yet modern flair. It was really nice!fuss art of hair.

I was soon welcomed and asked if I wanted a drink. I had to wait around 10 mins past my booked time but that’s not a problem at all for me. Me booked an appt with Melissa, and I am so impressed with her skills as a stylist.

Diana R.Edmonton, AB:

She was really nice, welcoming and respectful, not intrusive and looked to take her craft very seriously. It’s a nice and friendly environment and many of the clients were walking out with nicer hair and a happier demeanor. Melissa did let me know what she was using on my hair and why, but never tried to up-sell them to me.fuss art of hair.

Before cutting I had shown her a few pictures of a hairstyle/look I was going for and asked for her to choose what would fit my face shape (round). Me ended up with a really fun and really flattering haircut/style that suited my personality so much when this was my first time seeing her.

I am definitely coming back, it was SO worth it to come to this salon! I have never felt so happy with a haircut ever.. and I’ve seen a lot of stylists in many different salons ;D I am so happy with my hair, that as soon as I was done hanging out on whyte ave (and got a couple of compliments on the hair already), I had to write this review.fuss art of hair.

Brittany P. Edmonton, AB:

I went to Fuss based on the idea that it had really good reviews and other people seemed to like it.
First of all I am really not that overly picky about my hair. But for me, if I am going to pay a lot, I expect a lot.
the place and everyone working there was very nice.  It was very well decorated and had a nice vibe.fuss art of hair.

Now to the hair part.  I wanted an ombre look and a cut.  Now the cut was honestly nothing special.  It has been a few weeks and you definitely cannot tell it was ever cut. T

he only thing good about it was she didn’t cut of all my hair or make me look silly and she understood that I didn’t want all my hair cut off so really my issue wasn’t with the cut.
The color was TERRIBLE.  she dyed my roots darker brown (I have natural medium brown hair) and then dyed it blonder on top of that but she started basically at my eyeballs.

Brittany P. Edmonton, AB:

so really it looked like I had really bad roots and hadn’t done my hair in about 2 months.  I wanted to hide under a rock and wait for it to be over.  I even styled my hair differently to try to cover it up. fuss art of hair.

The one good thing I will say is that she offered to have me back if I didn’t like it, which I did. I was pleased she offered to do that and she did get closer to what I wanted and did make it look more natural, but it’s still bad. fuss art of hair.

At this point I am going to go to another salon and get them to dye my hair back to my normal brown color. The most frustrating part is I paid 250!!!!!!! which is the most I have EVER paid at a salon.  and like I said if I am shelling out that kind of money I expect something pretty fantastic.fuss art of hair.

I would say go to a good stylist you know is good here, or don’t go.

 SO as you can see that the most reviews of fuss art of hair is positive , i highly recommend you to go and take their service . Good luck .

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