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This category contains technological and ITblogs followed by gaming, sports, email marketing, seo etc.It's hard to remember a world without blogs. Originally a sort of online journal full of mundane personal updates, web logs have morphed into an extremely powerful form of communication.They were once shunned by the mainstream — now they are the mainstream.Whether it’s breaking tech news, an insider’s point of view, or irreverent humor you’re seeking, there are an infinite number of blogs on any subject whose authors will be happy to oblige.It shouldn’t be any surprise that the tech world embraced the blogosphere far before every newspaper in the country started making their writers blog alongside their standard news stories. As a result, there are blogs that are so great, so informative, so current — you’d be lost in your tech career without them. Here’s some we monitor daily. Add them to your bookmarks! webprosbd


product launch


In the introduction to this article, you learned that a majority of product launches fail. The same study found that less than 3% of consumer packaged goods managed to exceed $50...
Client side

Web Application technologies: Client side Approaches

Web Application technologies   To be able to understand how different attacks on web applications are taking place we will go through a fast review over different web applications technologies. Our fast review...
win more clients

7 Additional Tips to Help You Win More Clients

Tip 1 – Promote your LinkedIn Public Profile Put a link to your LinkedIn profile on the bottom of your email signatures, and include the link to your profile on your website,...
linkedin learning reviews

10 Tips for Extra LinkedIn Learning

Tip 1 – Follow Top Twitter Influencers for LinkedIn Tips and Updates  linkedin learning reviews These people are great to follow for LinkedIn Tips and Updates, if you are on Twitter then simply...
attract people to your profile

10 Tips to Become the ‘Go To’ Expert in Your Niche

If you work LinkedIn well, you will find that you attract people to your profile almost like a spider in a web. This section is all about positioning yourself as an...
linkedin group

10 Tips for LinkedIn Groups

Tip 01 - Choose Your Groups to Join You can be a member of only 50 groups at one time. Choose wisely as you will have to leave one of your groups...
linkedin profile

15 Tips for your LinkedIn Personal Profile

Tip 1 – Get Your Name Right  Make sure that the name you use on LinkedIn is actually the name people know you for in business, and matches the name they would...
recommendation on linkedin

10 Tips for LinkedIn Recommendations

10 Tips for LinkedIn Recommendations Recommendations are all about credibility, they are social proof that you are good at what you do and that other people should also buy from you. The...
linkedin company page best practices

10 Tips for your LinkedIn Company Profile

linkedin company page best practices The article is about "linkedin company page best practices". Please read the full article to improve your linkedin profile page.Tip 1 – Create a Great Company PageAt...
linkedin advanced searches to find manage contacts

10 Tips for Finding, Approaching & Managing Contacts

10 Tips for Finding, Approaching & Managing ContactsLinkedIn = Using Advanced Searches to Proactively Find and Contact People. LinkedOut = Being Reactive and never using Advanced Searches Regardless of the number of...

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Best free responsive email templates builder

Free responsive email templates builder If you want to brand your products or services online and looking for the best email marketing software then this...