can't look back and tell the story

I always say, “if you can’t look back and tell the story (of your past) from an empowered place, your work is not yet done.”

Awareness, curiosity, reflection, silence and faith are all components of healing your story.

In order to heal, you must first become aware of the stories you tell yourself. With curiosity and fascination, begin the process of self-reflection and inquiry by taking time for moments of silence and stillness.

This process creates space to make sense of your experiences because there is always an opportunity in every single experience.

Faith comes in knowing that everything is happening for you, not to you. There is always a gift waiting for you if you choose to receive it.

The gift is further awakening, evolution and wholeness.

The journey of inner-discovery, self-awareness and awakening leads you on a path to heal your stories and create a future aligned with your deepest truths and greatest potential. 

When you commit to uncover the gift in your experiences, you shift and transform, heal and evolve, and learn to look back from empowered place, no longer limited by the stories of your past or caught up in the suffering of what was.

You experience life moving forward more happy, and whole.

Your most beautiful and sacred purpose is to return to love as you learn to heal, embrace and integrate all aspects of yourself.

You have a unique path and purpose, which once awakened and aligned with your core you will discover the beauty and magic life has to offer.

Begin your journey today. It will be the most rewarding journey of your life!

The great news is, you don’t have to do this work alone! 

Find a guide you can trust, who has walked this path before you, knows the way, and can keep you on track with eyes of loving truth to guide you back to you.

I will be guiding an amazing group of people as they Awaken to Love and discover how to live from a place of awareness and empowerment. Are you available April 28, 2018?

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Love & Light,

Heather Fantin

Spiritual Breakthrough Coach
Enlighten Your Mind – Embody Your Soul – Empower Your Life can’t look back and tell the story.

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