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How to write a proper amazon customer service email with samples :

Hello guys. Here is my article about ‘How to write a proper amazon customer service email‘ . I will guide you in this process with  samplesMedia Mail

1. Always address the customer by their title. It’s “Dear Mr. Smith”, NOT “Dear Frank” or (worse) “Dear Buyer”. ALWAYS use their Title. ALWAYS. Mr or Ms or Dr. It’s presumptuous to use “Dear Frank” in a business letter, unless it’s someone you know. You have no idea of the age of your buyer, and many many will resent a first name addressing. You cannot go wrong by using Dear Mr or Ms or Dr So-and-So. It sets the right tone from the start, and makes you look professional.

2. Always begin with “Thank you for your recent purchase of , we appreciate your business.” They are giving you money, show them you appreciate it!

3. Address the issue succinctly. If it’s a problem (whether you caused it or not), show sympathy. “I’m so sorry for the delay in the arrival of your package, I know how hard it is to wait for something you are looking forward to receiving”. Explain, don’t blame. Putting off the blame on USPS is tempting but pointless. No, you don’t control USPS but that doesn’t mean this isn’t your problem. If your customer has a problem, it’s YOUR problem, regardless of how the problem happened. You can explain timelines, etc. but don’t say the ol’ “Hey once USPS has it is not my problem”. WRONG–it IS your problem, if it’s your customers problem.

4. Provide as much information as possible. “Your package was shipped via Media Mail on date xxx from zip code YYY. The latest scan shows it at ZZZ. Media Mail can take 10-14 business days. 14 business days from the shipment date will be QQQ.” Don’t make them do the work of figuring out when 14 business days is, give them as much information as you can.

5. Always give them options or solutions. “If the package hasn’t arrived by date QQQ, you can do (A, B or C, whatever they are)”. or “I’m so sorry to hear your package was damaged in transit. You can do A or B or C.” ALWAYS OFFER OPTIONS. Provide links to the options. Never assume they know where the AtoZ link is, or where they can check DC status. Give them the link. Give them the info.

6. Thank them again at the end. “Thank you for your business and your patience.”

7. Use Sincerely at the end, then your name, and your business name. A proper closure is just as important as a proper salutation.

This is not rocket science. You don’t need to be overly verbose and def. not overly emotional. I am consistently amazed how many sellers can’t seem to master these basics. “A gentle word turneth away wrath”. Truer words were never spoken. Good customer service is PART OF YOUR JOB HERE.

Even bad news can be delivered this way:

“Dear Mr. Buyer,

Thank you for your purchase of The Book. I am so sorry that you discovered that you did not purchase the volume you desired. You may return The Book in a padded envelope via Media Mail to:

our business
city etc

As soon as we receive The Book in as-shipped condition, we will be more than happy to refund your purchase price.

Thank you again for your business.


Your Amazon Seller”

Note that this email does not say I’m paying them to send the book back, nor am I refunding their original shipping. But it’s still polite and sympathetic and offers a solution. I don’t care if you FEEL polite or sympathetic. But WRITE polite and sympathetic. Trust me, it will only help you. Never take the “sorry, not my problem” attitude.

No one is suggesting you be a doormat and lay down for no reason. But a few well thought out and well chosen words can serve you well. Even bad news goes down easier with a spoonful of sugar. “Do unto others”. Treat them as you would like to be treated.

(Can you tell I just had a customer vent to me about his lousy treatment in email from another Amazon seller?)

How to write a professional email?Here is some examples with free templates

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